Post-Narcotic Open Thread


I have less pain in my knee than I’ve had in months — and no wonder.  It turned out I was just walking on bone, without benefit of cartilage.  I’m always glad when I learn I wasn’t being a hypochondriac.  My brain is pretty clear — nothing but Motrin for the incision pain — but I slept badly.  I think I was thrown off by all the drugs in my system.  My brain is functioning, but not well.  Blogging will be light today.  Moreover, since I have to keep my knee elevated, I’ll be blogging from my iPad, which is inelegant and slows me down.  A small price to pay for the possibility of long-term pain relief.

Please enjoy this Open Thread in the meantime.

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  1. JKB says

    If you are looking for something interesting and to give you hope for a better tomorrow, I recommend this talk by Sal Khan at the Hoover Institution.  A bit of history of Khan Academy but the examples of people who’ve benefitted are amazing.  They’ve even reached Mongolia with a 17-yr old orphan girl helping with the translations.  I’m amazed every time I hear an update about the project but the guy who dropped out of high school, went back, used Khan to catch up and graduated as valedictorian and is now at Princeton.  Or the older guy who keeps assuring us he was a C student and had no hope of being an electrical engineer who has gone back to school to achieve his dream after Khan Academy with a 4.0 GPA.
    The path of Khan

  2. JKB says

    Here’s hopeful piece, but also, a bit horrifying.  It is about some guys building affordable housing in Portland.  Real affordable housing.  The trick, don’t take government money.  That saves about $5000 per unit in legal/compliance fees.  
    But to save $350,000 in development fees, the city require them to sign a contract to keep the units “affordable” for 60 years.  Those development fees were 5 times the cost of the building ($70,000), which is why they can keep the rents affordable.  Of course, in true government fashion, the 60 yr lock makes getting a bank loan impossible.  The housing officials reject a suggestion of 20 years because the 60 yr lock forces the use of better construction materials.  Can you imagine what “affordable” housing units would look like in 20 years, the quality of life, much less 60 years?  In 20 yrs, the best full market apartment complexes are going “affordable”.  Not to mention, in this day and time, what might the area be like in say 30 years?  Will their be jobs for the low wage residents?  Morons.
    How to build truly cheap housing for the poor

    • lee says

      “Affordable housing” is a ruse to keep the riff raff out. Talked to a developer who worked on affordable housing in the City, and got involved in some “affordable housing” in Marin–where it was something like FIVE TIMES the cost per door to build. I have maintained for eons that if a community REALLY wanted housing to be affordable, they could easily make it happen.
      I also get a kick out of “affordable” units in a condo. The HOA forces the occupants out eventually. Before I left the Bay Area, there were horror stories of people stuck in “affordable” condos, they could only sell at the “affordable” rate, but no one could afford the HOA.

  3. says

    I wasn’t really paying attention for the years between 2009-2012, but did Book ever write about knee pains resulting from running? Because that should have elicited a dramatic notice of cartilege loss here. Even I’ve heard of this issue in older individuals that have been paired with surgery.

  4. JKB says

    Whoa, check out this chart with the Coyote annotation.  Looks like causation but perhaps only correlation.  Hours worked for those in low-wage jobs (<$14.50/hr) are way down.  Hours worked for higher paid workers are way up. And it isn’t the Recession.  Certainly looks like this is what scared the Obama admin into the most recent deferral of the employer mandate.  But that is not a repeal so it is unlikely that it will be enough to correct the loss of work by the most vulnerable workers.  
    Obamacare and Jobs in One Chart

  5. says

    If anyone had said or implied you were a hypocondriac, Book, they should be thunked on the head.
    Pain is the body’s natural damage control system and should only be ignored in life and death situations. For many of those with high to extremely high pain thresholds and tolerance levels, they have to be ultra sensitive to pain because it’s too easy to ignore it and keep on going. While this works, up to a point, if you have a young and strong body like a US Marine out of boot camp, there are certain limitations on the human anatomy. 

    • says

      Thanks for saying that, Ymarsakar. I must have a higher tolerance that I thought, because, even though I had to stop martial arts some months ago, I’ve been walking 2-3 miles a day on no cartilage. 

      • says

        I don’t know many young women who engage in MMA Gracie J Jujutsu type training. The latest Yahoo answers analysis I got back was a girl is in a MMA gym for every 30 males, if they are doing the grappling thing. Striking you generally have 5 girls for every 30 young male around.
        So if you had thought you were below average Book, you might want to re-analyze things. For the statistics do not imply that conclusion.

    • says

      It’s a good thing for my health that I haven’t read a single news article or program for the last 5 years. Well, not more than 5 at least. Like radiation, one needs certain filters to defend against enemy Leftist propaganda and brainwashing viruses.

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