Jon Stewart excuses Obama’s executive overreach by attacking Republicans in Congress

Jon StewartI am watching a lot of television lately.  A lot.  Even I, a truly prodigious reader, find it hard to read every minute of the time I’m hooked up to my continuous passive motion machine.  When I finally tire of reading, I have limited mobility, especially by nightfall, when my balance on crutches seems to take a dive off the cliff.  This means that, when the rest of the family wants to watch TV in the evening, I’m something of a captive audience.

I’m not complaining.  Instead, I’m explaining why it is that I’ve been watching Jon Stewart’s Daily Show these past few days.  Usually I leave the room when he starts, because I find his mixture of genuine and faux stupidity irritating.  It’s not a witty show, which I would be able to watch even though I disagree with the politics.  It’s a witless show, and dishonest to boot.

Few things highlight these abysmal qualities more than a segment Jon Stewart did about Boehner’s announcement that Republicans would not go forward with any immigration reform because they couldn’t trust Obama to enforce it.  For anyone paying attention to the Constitution and the facts on the ground Republican fears are reasonable.  Obama, despite his job description as chief executive officer, tasked with enforcing the laws that Congress passes, has a history of refusing to enforce laws he doesn’t like, especially when it comes to immigration.

More recently, with Obamacare, despite the Lefts’ strident screams in October that Obamacare is the “law of the land” and cannot ever be touched — even by the Congress that passed it — Obama has changed the law almost 30 times.  Indeed, he’s changed the law so often, he’s even riled his supporters.  Boehner may also find it a little difficult to trust Obama since Obama lied knowingly, intentionally, and repeatedly in connection with Obamacare’s passage and implementation.  It was the biggest fraud ever committed by a government official against the American people.

So how does Stewart defend Obama’s lawless actions?  He doesn’t bother to defend Obama.  Instead, he attacks Republicans as hypocrites because they have also tried to change the law.  In other words, how dare Republicans complain about Obama’s changes to Obamacare when they also wanted to change it?

Is it really possible that Stewart is so stupid that he believes that Congress should not change, or attempt to change, a law if the president is not allowed to do so himself?  I find it hard to believe that Stewart is quite that dumb.  And if he’s smart, he and his team are writing shticks deliberately intended to mislead an audience that Stewart presumably knows is dumb enough not to understand that, while the president is constitutionally barred from unilaterally changing or refusing to enforce laws, Congress’s sole function is to pass, edit, and revoke laws.

Anyway, see for yourself the type of fraud Stewart commits against an audience so ignorant and ideological that it elected Barack Obama, not just once but twice:

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  • jj

    The TV’s on all the time here – it’s part of our shared background so it’s always in the background – but somehow we manage to avoid John  Stewart.  (We also manage to avoid MTV, VH1, MSNBC , NBC [except to gloat a little now and then], ABC, CBS, and a number of other things that don’t make it pass the idiocy threshold.)  So I’m unfamiliar with what Stewart thinks about much of anything, but I gather he’s not a fan of Boehner.  Funny thing about that: nor am I.
    I think John Boehner is a stupid man.  And I find his reasoning on the immigration reform thing to be idiotic at best.  I don’t know if he thinks he’s playing a remarkably clever game here; stupid people often esteem themselves clever and are thus deluded; but his reasoning serves mostly to highlight that he doesn’t understand his job either.
    Boehner will not take up immigration reform because Obama “wouldn’t enforce it anyway.”  So far from being a reason not to take the matter up, this is precisely why congress should address it.  And address it good and hard.  This is a box, sitting there with the lid off, into which Obama is waiting to be stuffed – and Boehner evidently doesn’t see it.  Because if congress does pass reform, and does write appropriate law, then Obama really has, as a Constitutional matter, little choice but to enforce it.  If he chooses not to do so, he will be laser-illuminating himself, so even democrats can see it, as the outside-the-law operator that he is.  He would be clearly, to even the meanest of minds – such as the walking cadaver Reid – shown to be ripe for impeachment.  (Reid wouldn’t do it of course, but his reasons for that, under such circumstances, would of necessity have to be inane: they could not be based in anything like law.  So inane that even the terminally inane – democrats – would plainly see it.)
    But Boehner is apparently going to pass this opportunity up.  His basis for this is probably that he’s figuring that if he can make it look like republicans are sucking up to illegal aliens enough, maybe two or three of them will vote republican.  As reasoning, this is poor.  As a reason not to do his job, it’s laughable.  The hope of attracting a few votes as compared to the certainty of adding another noose to Obama’s neck descends a new level of asinine, even for John Boehner.  Whom I find I dislike very nearly as much as John Stewart evidently does.

  • Ymarsakar

    Who is Jon Stewart and why does his fake name matter?
    If you can’t get out of the room, Book, get some earphones and listen to audio books.

  • Charles Martel

    Leibowitz/Stewart is a very clever guy, but he’s not very well read or educated. It would be a hoot to watch him go into a lion’s den hosted by somebody like Charles Krauthammer, with an audience boasting triple-digit IQs, and try getting by on snark, lifted eyebrows, and committee-written gags. I remember how Dr. K eviscerated Bill Maher on one such program, and Maher hasn’t shown his face on a serious program since.

  • Larry Sheldon

    You have been removed from my “playlist” of blogs I read everyday because in my operating environment I can not tolerate autoplay clips.

    I gather you have no control in your house, I do in mine and with that comes a requirement to return the respect.

    • Ymarsakar

      What is Sheldon talking about here. That clip has never been auto play.

      • Larry Sheldon

        I am talking about the first time I had to trouble-shoot it it was pretty deep in this blog and this blog is part of the list of “all blogs that I read daily that start with the letter “Bb”.

        At full volume,  while the spare bed in my office was occupied by a daughter who has been working long and hard and desperately needed to sleep, and my wife, recovering from open-heart surgery was (emphasis “was”) asleep upstairs.

        I was a little quicker the second time when I cam directly to the item to reply to the idiot qeustion.

        I’ll confess to stupidity in not anticipating the third time when I “logged on” to post this reply.

        Anticipating questions, I use Firefix, current patch-level (27.0.1), and anywhere that I have found an option , I deny “autoplay” by any name,  Bbesides being an inexcusable intrusion on my peace and quiet, such things running represent a huge security hole, in my opinion.  There will be no charge for that advice this time.

        • Larry Sheldon

          Interesting to note that it blind-sided me AGAIN!  Manoman am I stupid.  When O click on “POST” it takes off!

        • Ymarsakar

          The problem is probably FireF[o]x’s settings, which is your responsibility to set Sheldon. Normal browsers don’t auto play that video. With some fudge factor around “normal” baseline.

          This is a classic example of what I mentioned before, about how people waste energy trying to change the world. What you should be changing is what’s in front of your eyes. Changing things at Book’s end isn’t going to do anything for ya.

  • MacG

    Larry, First I hope your wife recovers flawlessly and your daughter succeeds beyond measure. 
    For what it is worth, using Chrome I did not get an autoplay.  I , to find them to be obnoxious and close windows quickly except for when they are in sneaky pop-under windows using FireFox ARRGH!

    • Larry Sheldon

      She (wife) is doing very well (we had a bit of concern about a low-grade fever and serious pain in  an eye, but a trip to the surgeon thins morning fetched an “all clear” at the surgical site and an antibiotic bomb for a suspected sinus infection.

      Overall, she is doing very well–but she does get tired.

      Daughter (and her husband) are out conquering the world.

      I just discovered that one of the malwar programs I run offered me an opportunity to block the errant video here, which opportunity I have taken.

      I have noticed, particularly on Facebook, that some clips run unbidden so it might be a particular player that is at fault.

      Having quelled the errant here, I’ll move you back into the “Bb” list.

      • Bookworm

        I’m glad you’re back, Larry Sheldon.  I wasn’t going to dissuade you from leaving, because autoplay makes me crazy too — it’s just that I’m not always aware that it’s happening, as was the case here. 

  • Larry Sheldon

    Somebody explain to him the street meaning of this, from my initial posting on the matter:

    <blockquote>”Anticipating questions, I use Firefix, current patch-level (27.0.1), and anywhere that I have found an option , I deny “autoplay” by any name…”</blockquote>

    • Ymarsakar

      You seem to be under the impression your position is better here as a result of that, that other people don’t get it. It’s the other way around.

      • Larry Sheldon

        Be interesting to see of formless and void actually reads a comment before it blurts out a non-sequitur dribble.

        I’m out.