Tuesday morning Open Thread

Thought-Bubble-White-Board_8296556I meant to get an early start this morning so that I could balance necessary continuous passive motion with blogging. Instead, I found myself dealing with clients, driving my children, and taking multiple calls from my mother. The time to blog vanished, and I’m now hooked up to the perpetual motion machine once again.

I will write this afternoon, though, and that’s a promise.

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  • JKB

    Here’s an interesting link
    Why Organic Chemistry Is So Hard 
    The explanation is that some people are good at memorization and go for the big memory fields like biology.  Others are good at problem solving/logic and go for fields such as physics and math.  Organic Chem apparently has a lot of both.  This causes problems for many.
    I wonder is this isn’t somewhat the same in the humanities.  I often see a lot of people showing how smart they are quoting chapter and verse of some classical writer.  But often they can’t really apply the information or see consequences.  I think those people are the ones who come to be lovers of Marxism.  It sounds good until  you apply logic and reasoning to it.  

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Organic chemistry requires a combination of fields. Thus it requires more independent thinking and can’t merely be regurgitated verbatim via rote. Much of a classic education for a warrior-philosopher in the ancient days was to get people to think across fields and connect the dots.
    Connecting dots, however, requires a human, not a slave, a cow, livestock, or some inferior sub species. It requires a human with free will, not some Faust that sold his soul for Democrat promises.
    The Age of Science is ending on this planet for a reason. As science is merely the new Established Authority and Religion. As with all previous corruptions of systematic progress, when people stop being independent, they start becoming cogs for the authorities. Things after that follow a natural progression into decay and death.