If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong Open Thread


Another day, another apology. The fact is that the last day and a half have been Murphy’s Law every step of the way. Yesterday morning started out bad and then went downhill. Nothing earth-shattering — we’re all alive and in one piece, the house didn’t burn down, and no wars have started. It was just a series of domestic problems that escalated, along with new problems cropping up constantly. By the time I got the last phone call with inconvenient and expensive bad news, I was numb, and probably surprised the caller by showing almost no emotional response at all. More of the same today, of course.

However, to the extent bad things happen in threes, I’ve had my three bad things, and then cubed them, for another three. I hope I’m done now. I’m finally in front of my computer, reading and thinking, which is always the best antidote to any despair or anxiety that seeks to envelope me. All will be well.

So, check back in about an hour, and see if anything interesting has happened here. Or, ever better, leave a comment at this Open Thread and you will be the interesting thing that happens.

And for a little perspective, it’s always been bad (including California droughts and protests against the 1%):

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  • http://vinnysrants.blogspot.com vinny

    You too. I’ve had one of the worst mornings today where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. It started with locking my keys in the trunk, and spare keys in another house far away. Of course I was heading out to pick someone up. The phone battery was depleted and the charger happened to be in the locked car. Just at this moment my aunt called to inquire about why was there an ambulance next to my parents house and why can’t she reach them. The locked car was parked in the street that was about to be cleaned and I was looking at the likely prospect of getting a parking violation ticket. When I saw the DOT car driving by, I waved my hands hoping to get some assistance, but they just drove around me and kept going.  Two other department of transportation cars also drove by without stopping and drove off without helping me but also without writing out a ticket.  With seconds left in the battery life of my phone, I managed to reach a friend who had spare keys to another car and a way to reach the place where a second car key was being kept. After making arrangements tom pick up my stranded friend because I went off to get my spare car key. Driving there should have only taken 10 minutes, but I got stuck on every street light and behind two garbage trucks that took their time in moving out of the way. The 10 minute trip took 40 minutes.  When I reached the location, there was nowhere to park; something unheard of at 1pm in that area.  I parked 3 blocks away and ran to the house.
    Then all my day’s troubles magically resolved. After running back to the loaner car, with my spare key in my hand, I felt like the doom and gloom of the past hour was starting to clear. Most importantly, I learned that the frantic call about my parents was nonsense and my crazy aunt mixed something up. My mother had no idea what she was talking about and reassured me twice that everything was alright with them.  There were still numerous potential pitfalls ahead, but I felt a little easier. The trip back took my expected 10 minutes. I parked the loaned car without difficulty and opened the trunk of my stranded car and found my keys. As soon as I moved my car., which magically managed to avoid being issued a parking ticket, I saw my stranded friend emerging from the hastily arranged transport with a smile. 
    In the end, everything ended well….but what a morning.

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      I swear that mornings such as the one you had, vinny, result in instant gray hair growth.  I’m so glad, though, that you got all of your horribles over with in one fell swoop. 

      My day has been okay for the last couple of hours, so I’m hoping I’m at the beginning of a strong trend.  😉

  • http://vinnysrants.blogspot.com vinny

    I wonder if the date 3/11 has anything to do with this. I mean we had 9/11, London had their 7/11, and I realize that my day’s troubles were nothing in comparison, but I do wonder if 11 is a bad omen date.

  • BombthePeasants

    When I have days like this, I find it’s a good day to go to the range and shoot the snot out of some paper plates or old bills.

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      BombthePeasants:  If only!!  I think I’ll settle down and watch CW’s The Arrow, a new take on the Green Arrow cartoons, made pleasant by the exceptionally handsome leading man….  That’s the good thing about having a leg and shoulder out of commission — I have an excuse to watch TV in the middle of the day.