I have a dream Presidential ticket for 2016. What’s yours?

Presidential SealCPAC brought to the front the ideological war Ted Cruz, a committed Tea Party conservative, and Rand Paul, a libertarian conservative, are waging against each other. I think both have many virtues and serve the constitution very well in Congress. Indeed, I thought Ted Cruz did a good thing when he took his stand against Obamacare last fall. Nevertheless, I don’t want either one as a presidential candidate. Both are provocateurs and, while that’s important for getting messages across and rallying the troops, being a provocateur is not the same as being a leader.

So, what is my current dream ticket for the 2016 Presidential election? Scott Walker for President and Allen West for Vice President.

Scott Walker’s travails and triumphs in Wisconsin told us a great deal about the man: He’s a principled conservative; he can stand the heat without getting ruffled; he’s stalwart; and he’s an extremely good manager, especially economically. In other words, absent such further evidence as may develop in the next two years, he’s perfect chief executive material. Moreover, to date, the worst that the media has been able to discover about him is that, in college, he started campaigning for student office one day early. I think the American people will forgive that.

As for Allen West, there are two reasons I like him. First, I just do. It’s the same way I like Keanu Reeves. It happens at a visceral level that I can’t articulate. But the other reason I like West is because he’s got what it takes to be a Veep preparing to be a president:  He’s a principled conservative; he’s a fiery fighter; he’s stalwart; and he understands command. If he’d also had a successful term as a governor, I’d readily put him on the top of the ticket. We’ve learned the hard way, though, that being president is not a good place for on-the-job training in political management.

So, here’s my dream ticket, based on information available today (subject to change as new information becomes available):

Walker West 2016 Dream Ticket

Please chime in with encouragement, derision, new facts, and alternative suggestions.

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  1. says

    Dr. Carson would be a good Surgeon General, I suspect.  He’s not been in the heat of a campaign.  I’m guessing he’d be good at it, but I don’t want any kind of “pig in a poke”.  We need people who’ve been vetted at what they’ll be doing.  Ben Carson is a fine man….but he’s not proved himself as a campaigner.

  2. Matt_SE says

    Sorry Book. Both you and neo-neocon are firmly on the Walker bandwagon but I’m not. The only thing I’ve seen from Walker is fiscal discipline…that alone doesn’t make him a great conservative.
    I’ve heard he has sympathetic views on amnesty. If true, that’s an automatic disqualifier. Even if not true, we don’t know his positions on a wide array of important topics.
    You can count me as a Walker skeptic, not a denier.
    My dream ticket: Rick Perry/Rand Paul (?)
    My double-secret dream ticket: Ted Cruz/Rick Perry

  3. Mike Devx says

    Yours is an excellent choice, Book.  Probably at this point it is the best.
    I agree that Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are provocateurs.  As is usually the case, examining Ronald Reagan is illustrative.  He, too, ascended to wage a campaign for the presidency while engaged in an internal GOP battle for the heart and soul of the party.  Ronald Reagan was provocative, yes… but only against the opposition.  He did NOT make the internal GOP war public.  Cruz and Paul are, and that is a serious mistake.  
    It’s nowhere near as serious as the horrifying mstakes by John McCain concerning Sarah Palin in 2008.  McCain’s mgmt of that campaign utterly disqualifies him from effective leadership forever within the GOP.  Forever – until he finds a way to publicly atone for the horrifying and egregious mistakes by him and his team.  To this point, he’s shown no inclination to do so.  He is utterly disgraced and disqualified.  This is not true for Cruz and Paul.  They can remain effective in many roles, but they’re not ready for the prime time Presidential shot.

    • jj says

      I wouldn’t blame Cruz and Paul for taking the GOP’s internal problems public.  Not as long as there’s a Lindsay Graham and a McCain.  If you want to keep things private and inside the party you need to find a way to pull McCain’s lower lip over his head.  If there’s an asshole in the room, he’s it.

  4. JKB says

    Walker, I’m on board with.  He’s shown good fiscal judgement and the ability to handle the contentious Left.  He’s also apparently a strong follower of Reagan.  He’s the only one I’ve seen advocate for the Republicans to stop all the complaining and sell America, the American Way and to crib a bit, the shining city on a hill.  I think people want someone who believes in America and I think Walker is that person.
    I hadn’t thought much about West.  He seems to have had some misstatements that could gum up a campaign.  He’d be a good mirror on Obama as a competent vice President.  I do think someone more wonky in the VP spot would be a good idea, someone who could really lead a cleanout of the regulations as HW Bush did in Reagan’s early years.  

  5. Danny Lemieux says

    I’m with you on this, Book.
    Allan West would be a brilliant choice as VP, as he would be Walker’s attack machine (with gravitas) and  a great palliative to Joe Biden’s role as court jester. 

    • says

      The role of a court jester was to entertain the court and to ensure that nobody, including the king, thought they were divine and infallible.
      In that sense, Biden isn’t even worth the seat he rests upon.


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