Found it on Google+: Cultural relativism excuses evil

I was cruising through Google+ and saw this great poster.  It’s a little out of date, since the Phil Robertson kerfuffle was a few months ago, and Ahmadinejad is yesterday’s news, but it makes its point so perfectly, I had to include it here:

Phil Robertson versus Ahmadinijad

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  • Ymarsakar

    The power of evil is not in creation but in corruption, convincing people that it either does not exist or that evil is good.

  • Gringo

    As many have previously observed, Obama apparently views Republicans, not jihadists, as the enemy.  As this picture shows, it isn’t just Obama that holds that opinion.

  • Ymarsakar

    For those Southerners that were transformed after Reagan, a translation would be that the Left views American patriots as enemies in the same light that Southerners viewed Northerners as carpetbaggers and people wanting to take their property.
    There’s no need for evidence or rationality, it was merely a token of faith enforced by the society at large because the leaders of society deemed it necessary for power.