Amy Purdy’s cha-cha on Dancing With The Stars

I’ve mentioned here before my fondness for Dancing With The Stars.  I really enjoy watching people learn a new skill, and I enjoy watching ballroom dancing.  This season, I was completely blown away watching Amy Purdy do the cha-cha:

Nice cha-cha, right? If you were paying close attention, you might also have noticed something about Amy Purdy: she was dancing on prosthetic legs. She caught meningitis when she was 19 and had both her legs amputated below the knees. She just won a snowboarding bronze at the Paralympics in Sochi, and now she’s on Dancing With The Stars.

Derek Hough is the perfect partner for Amy. He’s probably the best choreographer in America today, as well as being one of the best dancers. That combination will enable him to come up with all sorts of wonderful ways to work around her prosthetics. I look forward to watching Purdy for however long she lasts on this season’s show.

Because I am a pedant, I instantly used Amy to remind my children that attitude isn’t everything, but it’s almost everything. We all come into the world with certain gifts — academic intelligence, athletic abilities, artistic sensibilities, organizational abilities, etc. — but they are meaningless if we do not put any effort into cultivating those gifts, and it’s our attitude that enables us to do the hard work of cultivation.

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  • Ymarsakar

    The only thing that won’t betray you is hard work. Your parents, your family, the world, your nation can all betray you.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s also why I hate the Left’s eugenics, or anyone else talking about how Palin should have aborted her child as if it had a problem that needed the cure of euthanasia.
    One day, I’m going to poke those people in the eye and call it my own personal culling technique for the human genome.

  • lee

    I have a friend who was shot I’m the neck some thirty years ago which left him paralyzed. He was young twenty-something who was a farmer. 
    He is a farmer–he just rethpigjt how he would do it differently. He’s very involved with Agribility. He’s a motivational speaker. And a sales rep for the Standing Wheelchair Company. (Needless to sau, also a big supporter of the Second Amendment.)
    He has a fantastic attitude, plus a very strong faith. And a great sense of humor. He, and Amy Purdy, and other people who overcame adversity with a great outlook are such incredible inspirations. I pray if I ever meet huge adversity, I handle it a fraction as well as those two.
    I also agree with Y above.