Why George W. Bush or the Kochs will always be the Leftists’ scapegoats

dog-poopingWhile I was tottering to the swimming pool the other day, I heard an elderly couple having an argument:

HE:  Don’t feed the dog table scraps.  It gives her diarrhea.

SHE:  No, it doesn’t.

HE:  Every time you feed her table scraps, she gets diarrhea.

SHE:  But I like feeding her.

HE:  I can’t stop you but, if she gets diarrhea again, you’re cleaning it up.

SHE:  I’m not going to clean it up.

HE:  Why not?  It’ll be your fault if she gets diarrhea, so you should clean it up.

SHE:  No, it’s your fault.  You were the one who wanted a dog in the first place.

SHE is the Left.  SHE is why they never take responsibility for anything.  SHE is why George Bush and the Kochs will forever be on the hook for anything that’s wrong in this country.  SHE also explains why the Left never feels shamed.  Being a narcissist means never having to say you’re sorry.

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  • JKB

    The Left hate the Kochs, but, like the Arabs and Israel, they won’t stop using all the benefits that their hated party brings:
    Here’s how you benefit from the Koch brothers 
    Wear anything made of Lycra? The Spandex brand is Koch-owned. Stainmaster – the carpet company? Yep, Koch-owned. Own an iPhone? A little connector ribbon inside is made by a company called Molex. Who owns Molex? A company called Koch Industries. 

  • MacG
  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Dog will become neurotic due to such feeding and energy conflict, will bite child, they will be sued and dog will be euthanized. Leftist operation completed.