Watcher’s Council nominations for April 3, 2014

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  • Ymarsakar

    While the RNC may have their balls cut off and placed on Hussein/Holder’s desk for admiration and tours for the Hollywood crowd, Larry and others like him are sticking the Left in the eye.

    Whether it is effective or not when facing the conservative crowd, doesn’t matter. The point is to galvanize the army of people sitting around talking about politics, and make them stick the Left in the eye. That’s mass mobilization there. And to do that, takes emotions, not a bunch of abstract numbers that are meaningless except to the top 3% of humanity (which ain’t the Left, btw).
    In politics, people talk about echo chambers and convincing the “middle”, whatever that is. In war, it ain’t about convincing anybody of anything. It’s about getting your guys to kill the enemy and hatred is as good a motivation as getting the other guy to die for his Hussein General as anything else around.