Monday afternoon round-up and Open Thread

Victorian posy of pansiesWe always hear about countries or communities that are suffering from brain drain.  I’m not sure if brain drain can ever be defined down to an individual level but, if it can, I’ve got it.  Insomnia always leaves me with fewer brain cells the next day.  Still, there’s interesting stuff out there, and here I am to share it with you.

I’ve never been a fan of ostentatious wealth.  I’m happy shopping at Target and Costco, and I find embarrassing the lavish annual vacations we take.  Having said that, I find even more embarrassing this San Francisco-based guy who apologized for his ostentatious display of Google glasses, which was, he believes, the root cause for his being mugged and the glasses being destroyed before his eyes.

Thomas Lifson says it will be interesting to see this Progressive civil war play out, and posits that conservatives might be able to take advantage of it.  Certainly, it will be good if they neutralize each other.  My only comment is to ask why, in Progressive-land, it’s okay for a mugging victim to say that it was his fault — he was asking for it — by wearing ostentatious technology, but it’s not okay tell young women that it’s stupid to get sh*t-faced on alcohol, which is often a predicate to morning-after regrets that are then reclassified as rape?  


Ron Christie points out that crying “race” is the last refuge of a failed Democrat party.  Failed, yes, but still mighty powerful, especially when its opposition is strong on ideas, but weak on organization.


Yes, the economic sky is falling.  We’ll all be speaking Greek soon.


More to follow so check back in a while….

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  • Ymarsakar

    New prediction. If the Left ever uses 50% of their power or people generally know 50% of what the Left has been doing, war should have gotten hot by that time.
    It’s an exponential curvature. The end point isn’t 100%. That’s for the end game. We’re not close yet.

  • Ron19

    The white light of the moon has gone away.  It is now reddish brown.


    Whoever controls the Census Bureau controls the data on the uninsured. Back in 2009 the WH usurped/seized control from the Commerce Sec’y.  This is the same style [read: abuse] of data, that’s been used as a tool for the self-proclaimed-science is settled-climate primates, who run around looking for a banana in the Arctic.