Strange day Open Thread


This has been a very strange day, starting at about 3 am when I awoke to find that the power had gone out. By the time I’d notified PG&E, I was wide awake and suspected that my day had begun early. Then, one of the dogs came down, which she only does when she needs that rare night-time walk. By the time I finished with that, I was certain that sleep had fled. Except that my dog cuddled up next to me and I was able to sleep again until my back-up alarm went off. The day has continued in that mode since then — something’s happened that shouldn’t have happened, that should have disrupted things but, instead, it actually made things flow more easily.

We often complain about Murphy’s Law days and the negative impact they have on our lives. As of now, I’m in awe about a Murphy’s Law day — everything going wrong — and the way each wrong thing has paved the way for something that’s actually better than the status quo would have been.

Anyway, what with one thing and another (including that power outage), I haven’t had a chance even to read the news. I’m heading off for a couple of hours now, but hope to write more upon my return. Until then, please enjoy this open thread. Also, I cannot guarantee that my friend the Canardvark will be able to post today, but if he does, I can guarantee that it’s really good and worth the three minutes of your time that it will take.

Oh, also, because this is the Tuesday after Dancing With The Stars, here’s another Amy Purdy moment. She wasn’t the best dancer of the evening, but I continue to be deeply impressed by her abilities:

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  • Ymarsakar

    Your power went out too? Although at a different time. Alien resonance?

  • Caped Crusader

    To anyone who thinks these are not very different times:
    We were headed out to dinner tonight and the following song was playing:

    My wife said she remembered this song was number one when she started medical school in the 1950’s and she thought Patti Page was the vocalist. I had no idea, but remembered Patti Page had, “How Much is that Doggie in the Window”,  as a blockbuster hit. I remarked that could you in your wildest flight of fantasy see today’s youth sending these to Number One today, and dancing to these songs? We got so tickled I had to pull over to wipe the tears from my eyes. Try not to break up! Pop tune tastes DO change!


  • Charles Martel

    Kids today don’t dance. Not in the sense of romancing or flirting with a partner, whether attached or in orbit around each other. They jump, they twerk, they grind, they sway, but they don’t really dance. That’s why it’s so touching when a couple dances a waltz on the competition show, “Show You Think You Can Dance”—you can hear the audience, mostly preteen and teen girls, sigh at the grace and tenderness of it. Deep down they know they will never be courted though they ache to be so.

  • Caped Crusader

    Brother, I lived those times! In college big bands were the craze— Ray Anthony, Buddy Morrow, Ralph Marterie — Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey style music and dancing; cheek to cheek, very intimate. Also swing dancing could be very fast but with much combined physical contact and interaction by the partners. The next few years in medical school, dancing totally apart gained more and more popularity, and romantic dancing died an ever increasing death, replaced by the ever more vulgar. One of my favorite movies is “Heaven Help Us”, about a group of 1960 high school boys growing up in NYC. I wasn’t Catholic and not a New Yorker, but it is so typical and funny about boys of that age and in the early sixties. One of the boy’s funny remarks, “Let’s face it, fast dancing is for faggots”.

    If you ever go to Memphis and take a tourist tour they will take you to Sam Phillips’ Sun Studios where Elvis and many others of that early genre cut their first records.. They will tell you a certain building was the studio, but this is false to some extent. Many nights I and some classmates ate dinner in Taylor’s Restaurant, just across Forrest Park from the medical center, which was the corner business in that block and Sun Studio was just a little hole in the wall next door and not the spacious studio they will tell you it was today. Many nights we must have been having dinner while Elvis was cutting records just next door; and having no appreciation for what a phenomenon he would later become. Ships that pass in the night, and having no idea my wife and I would be invited to his 1968 New Years Eve party, after having treated his cousin for an injury.