Hospital morning round-up and Open Thread

Victorian posy of pansiesI’ve learned never to go visit my mom in the hospital first thing in the morning. It’s a busy time for nurses and a bad time for my mother, so I’m invariably in the way. I will be heading off soon, though, to find out how she’s doing. Before I leave, though, I can’t resist sneaking in just a little bit of blogging.

Thanks to a post at American Thinker, we can see just how deeply today’s drive-by media is intertwined with the White House. It’s naive to expect that this incestuous relationship could result in objective reporting and investigation.


It’s a bit sprawling, because Jonah Goldberg wrote an email, not a tight article, but Goldberg still has a nice summary about the White House’s motivation (pretty obvious, actually) when it came to Benghazi.


The new Watergate for Obama:  It’s not just “what did you know and when did you know it?” but “where were you and why didn’t you do anything?” On the night Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were saving at least 30 American lives and fighting a losing battle to save their own, all the evidence is that Obama was AWOL, displaying a a callous disregard for American life that, if he were a Republican, would occupy every page of every newspaper and every minute of every news show.


Incidentally, when it comes to doing the job that the incest media (my new name for it) refuses to do, Ben Shapiro has a good round-up of the administration’s most heinous lies.


This has to be seen to be believed: An alternative news weekly in Oregon asked Republican U.S. Senate candidates to come to its office and meet with its reporters. Candidate Mark Callahan caught Nigel Jaquiss taking notes on his opponent Jo Rae Perkins’ somewhat rambling answer to a question. The notes were (and I quote) “blah, blah, blah.” When Callahan castigated Jaquiss for being disrespectful, Jaquiss responded as one would expect a “liberal” to respond: he screamed invective at Callahan and kicked him out of the room.

I don’t live in Oregon and I don’t know anything more about Callahan than this story, but for just situational awareness, decency, and moral courage, he certainly gets my vote. (Oh, and he thinks climate change is a myth, which seems to be the case if one has been foolish enough to believe in AGW, rather than the earth’s and the sun’s majestic dance, one that has gone on for billions of years.)


Next step in Obama’s agenda: attack the death penalty, which is in the Constitution. The Founders opposed cruel and unusual executions, but still recognized that there’s a place for capital punishment. As a friend of mine says, Obama can get away with this because, while the media was all about a botched execution (and there is no excuse for that), they conveniently forgot to report upon the heinous murder (complete with the dying victim being buried alive) that the murderer callously boasted about later.


Rob Schneider’s sense of humor and my sense of humor are not the same. I recognize his talent, but he doesn’t make me laugh. Recently, though, he made me stand up in front of my computer and cheer.

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     President AWOL…
    Interesting tidbit found at NiceDeb today. The WH visitor log doesn’t indicate the time the ‘trio’ came and went, but it appears they were there to prep Obama for the debate. 
    “One of the best kept secrets surrounding the Benghazi attack, is where the president was and what he was doing while it was going on…..”

  • MacG
  • Mike Devx

    Candidate Mark Callahan caught Nigel Jaquiss taking notes on his opponent Jo Rae Perkins’ somewhat rambling answer to a question. The notes were (and I quote) “blah, blah, blah.”
    I am always concerned that conservatives just don’t realize that reporters are THE ENEMY.  Conservatives just don’t seem to get it.  These days, reporters must be judged guilty until proven innocent.  They ARE out to get you.
    A jihadist engaged in taqqiyah would be less deceptive than 95% of reporters interviewing a conservative.  “Secretly hoping to cause mayhem and destruction” doesn’t cover half of it.
    Cliven Bundy is just one of the more recent examples.  His rambling discourse about The State Of The Nation to a New York Times Reporter was manna from heaven for that reporter. (and what in the HELL was Cliven thinking??? Answer: he wasn’t),   “Oh, keep going, please please please keep going”, the NYT reporter must have been thinking.  
    And when good ol’ Cliven Bundy uttered the immortal words, “Let me tell you about ‘The Negro’ “, I think the reporter must have had an on-the-spot immediate orgasm.
    You’ve heard when cops put out an APB on a violent criminal, they often warn that the criminal is armed and dangerous.  A conservative, confronted with a reporter who hasn’t proved themselves, must consider that reporter an active hostile agent, whose pen and notebook or recording device should be considered a deadly weapon.  And proceed accordingly.
    And that brings me to our primary debates and our general election debates.  Conservatives always allow the moderator to be a far-left liberal from a far-left media organization.  Haven’t we accumulated enough evidence to know that this is simply insane?  That is is also moronic?  Are we going to go through this again in 2014 and 2016?

    • Ymarsakar

      Republicans in the West, East, and in cities often behave like people on the internet in 2006. Just as people in 06 found it ridiculous and clownish the predictions of civil war in America, so the same is true of Republicans. They don’t believe it. Any more than Americans believed it.
      What changed American beliefs were suffering, terror, and death. Until Republicans experience the same, they will not change their views of Leftists.

    • MacG

      I have to say that when he was asked about climate change “Fact or myth?” he blew a chance but then he was fired up about the two strikes ultimatum (which sounded like my mom counting to three before she took action).  What he could have said “Which Climate change theory do you inquire?” Or “That is a Hobson’s choice for both answers are false.” which would have opened some sort of dialog about the nuances of the answer to the question “Given that the Arctic was once a tropical forrest, Climate Change is real.  Man can do nothing to stop it”.

  • JohnC

    Most media people have been taught to see Conservatives and Republicans as less than human and therefore undeserving of common courtesy. 
    Republicans and Tea Party members need to realize when they sit down at a table with reporters most of the reporters see them as: