The insanity of the Left’s opposition to voter ID Laws summed up in one poster

The Left has a very low opinion of minority voters, as is seen through its frequent protest that it is discriminatory to ask that these voters show identification when they vote. Funnily enough, though, the Left is unperturbed by the identification barriers standing in the way of other all-American activities, many of which are even more important on a day-to-day basis than voting:

ID laws

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  1. sabawa says

    Two things…..
    I understand to attend the Democratic Convention, 2012, in Charlotte, NC……photo ID was required.
    Aren’t minorities insulted that there is a suggestion they are incapable of acquiring a photo ID?   Smacks of racism to me.

  2. Robert Arvanitis says

    Even more impressive, considering that 553,094,471 people voted in the most recent Indian election.
    That number of actual voters is:  1.7 times the entire US population,  2.6 times eligible US voters,  and 4.5 times actual US voters in 2012.


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