Caution: Exposing children to the conservative world view can be dangerous

They're so happy.  They must be conservative.

They’re so happy. They must be conservative.

My daughter let loose this morning with a rant about the way in which political correctness stifles humor and free speech. She’s right, of course.  No wonder Progressives want to silence conservatives.  If conservatives are allowed talk, people — especially young people — will discover that they’re much more fun.  Young people like fun, which is why Leftists keep telling them “sex, sex, sex.”  Dig just a little past all that sex talk, though, and you realize that conservatives are actually having fun, while Progressives offer nothing more than a grim, puritanical slog through a Hobbesian life:

Progressives perpetually police their own and everyone else’s speech.  Conservatives, outside of the boundaries of ordinary decency and manners, do not.

Progressive humor is predicated on demeaning and deceiving people (I’m talking to you Jon Stewart).  Conservatives can laugh about most things.

Progressives live in perpetual fear that their world is in imminent danger of bursting into flames.  Conservatives do not view the earth in darkly apocalyptic terms.

Progressives worry that every interaction with nature is an evil act destroying Gaia; Conservatives respect nature, but allow themselves both to enjoy it and benefit from it.

Progressives fear guns.  Conservatives get to go out shooting for fun (although they do it safely).

Progressives hate the military.  Conservatives get to enjoy all sorts of cool military stuff even if they’re not actually in the military (e.g., Fleet Week and Navy League events).

Progressives think pregnancy is a “punishment” and babies are Gaia-destroyers.  Conservatives see babies as the promise of the future. And while we’re on the subject of babies, Leftists, with their abortion and euthanasia obsessions (not to mention medical “death panels,” are a death cult.  Conservatives, by contrast, celebrate new life.

Progressives often don’t believe in either a God or an afterlife. Life on earth has no purpose (except to suck Gaia dry) and death means a rotting corpse (that pollutes Gaia). Conservatives often believe in both God and an afterlife, giving every day meaning and purpose.

Progressives, despite their endless obsession with sex, kill the pleasure. Girls who have sex too young (as Leftists encourage them to do), tend to have unhappy sex lives. Girls who hook up have unhappy sex lives. Boys who hook up aren’t that thrilled with meaningless sex either.  People who dive into meaningless sex with strangers are more likely to have STDs.  And once you get to university, oy! The boys are all rapists and the girls are all victims, and everyone is dead drunk because it’s the only way they can get past the fear and revulsion in order to reach out to each other. Conservatives, on the other hand, have respect, romance, love and commitment.

I can see the ad campaign now: Enjoy Life: Become a Conservative!

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  • JKB

    “Progressives live in perpetual fear that their world is in imminent danger of bursting into flames. “
    I grew up in the buckle of the Bible Belt.  Guess who else live in perpetual fear that the world is in imminent danger of bursting into flames?  When it comes to CAGW and the Rapture, they are both closer than ever before.  Both involve a world in flames, although CAGW is behind so also has flood.  
    Now the flaw in the Progressive plan is they don’t have a way out for those seeking salvation.  Apocalypse myths are tricky.  It has to be horrible and imminent, but the righteous have to have a way to avoid being destroyed along with the sinners or why bother.  
    The Progs have a flaw in their dogma.  If it comes to pass, the righteous will drown or at least be forced to leave Manhattan and The Embarcadero.  The sinners, on the other hand, will go along in fly over country.  Perhaps with a little bit of drought here and there.  More horrific for the righteous is that we’ll probably all live happily in the Okra forest.

  • Mike Devx

    “The Progs have a flaw in their dogma.  If it comes to pass, the righteous will drown or at least be forced to leave Manhattan”

    Oh the horror!  They would have to venture out into that great interior wasteland of America, that vast overfly zone between  Manhattan and California…
    A progressive walks into a country store in Kentucky and approaches a clerk.  “Can you help me?” the Progressive asks?
    The (Neanderthal) clerk lifts his knuckles off the floor and ponders for a very long while.   (Not many brain synapses, thinks the Progressive.
    Finally the clerk says, “Nah, I can’t help you.  I’m too busy bitterly clinging.”
    And so it goes.

  • Ymarsakar

    “Progressives fear guns.  Conservatives get to go out shooting for fun (although they do it safely).”
    You can just as easily make the same case about sex. Meaning, the Left talks about safe and fun sex, but in reality they use unsafe and unfun sex to control thought. It’s a different kind of Puritanism. Putting guns in the sex framework, the Left are scared of safe guns and that’s the same as being scared of safe sex.
    The LEft has two illusions. One, they can have it all, thus there’s no need to fear sex. But in reality, like most human orgs, they trade one fear for another. Since the Left doesn’t offer any benefits except to the political zealots and favored sons, the cannonfodder don’t get much out of it. The other illusion is that the Left can deliver what they promise.

  • cerumendoc

    Author Tom Wolfe once remarked that liberalism was the etiquette of the upper classes.  I’m still waiting to dump that line at some appropriate cocktail party and watch the music, just, stop.  Like when Black Bart walks into the saloon in a western flick.
    Anyway, I really believe that there’s a whole class of people who live in abject fear of saying the wrong thing and forever being cast off from the “A” list party invite list.  But, not caring a whit about impressing such people, it becomes incredibility liberating and actually a lot of fun.
    Each summer, my daughters and I drive from Wyoming to Chicago (actually Winniteka–Farris Buehler land) for hockey camp.  Last year is was hilarious to see our cowgirls, my two girls and three more of their teammates mix it up with the locals.  Then, to have the locals wonder about footwear, cowboy boots, large hoofed animals, horses and cows, and guns.  And, it is possible to survive without Panera bread down the road.

  • Danny Lemieux

    JKB, you hit it on the head: both groups to which you refer are both “fundamentalists” and “absolutists”. Where they differ is in the god to which they direct their prayers: for Christians, it is Yahweh, for Progs it is the pagan god and/or demon, Gaia and Moloch. 

    • Ymarsakar

      It will be ironic or a self fulfilling prophesy when the “know it all atheists” on the Left cause the biggest religious war since the Crusades.
      They think their atheistic religion protects them from religious war and intolerance. They are so superior, they think, that their Science can defeat God. Since there is no God, they think, it won’t even be a contest. When the religious war happens, they will be like, “how can there be a war, we’re not a religion and their god doesn’t exist”.

      • lee

        I have been working on an argument that atheism is now a religion. There are atheist “chaplains.” (I can’t imagine what sort of spiritual comfort they provide…) The Society for Humanistic Judaism (who call themselves “non-theistic.” What really is the dif?) have a “rabbinical school.” The American Ethical Union describes itself as “a religious organization,” and describes it self as one because they seem to consider “religious” as something that involves “build[ing] a community of friends, find[ing] inspiration and purpose, provid[ing] moral education for their children, celebrat[ing] seasons and life events, and clarify[ing] their world views.” They also use the term “non-theistic.”
        Some atheist, Austin Cline, who writes a lot for the seems to agree with me, if you read some of his stuff.
        One of the problems is what is “religion”? The dictionary definition includes a belief in a supernatural force or being. But the humanists, the ethical culturists, and some atheist, are trying to take the God, and the sacred out of what constitutes “religion,” and I say “Let ’em!”
        Why am I so keen to slap the label of “religion” on atheism? Because then shoving atheism down our collective throats would violate the First Amendment.

        • Bookworm

          Interesting point, Lee.  I would say that religion is an organized entity with a formal doctrine that is both unprovable and unfalsifiable, and therefore needs only faith to support it. Atheists dress themselves up in the cloak of science, but their increasingly anti-scientific approach to everything (anthropogenic caused climate change springs to mind) shows that they are not, in fact, scientific, but are simply the faithful.

          • lee

            I like the simplified definition of religion. The ones i came across on the internet were too… Rambling. Tried to take in everything: ceremony, prayer, the divine. But religion does come down to, at its core, faith.
            Apparently, Richard Dawkins has something snarky to say about faith: that it is a practice that degraded [one’s] understand ing of the natural world… Blah, blah, blah… 
            I find a certain irony the degree to which someone like Francis Collins has faith. (When he was at UofM, he used to lead s bible study group.) The more hu understood and studied biology, the more it deepened his faith in God.
            And really, as amazingly elegant as the universe is, it would be a matter of faith that there is no God–that is belief that is not based on proof. 

        • Ymarsakar

          I think people who can learn to think for themselves, by themselves, should realize that the Left is a religion, and many of the Leftist members such as atheists, are true to that religious dogma.
          The entire society thinks atheism is some kind of neutral or superior replacement to Christianity and other religions. They have no clue, as usual, what’s really going on on this planet.

  • Seanroconnor

    What is the old definition of a Puritan – “someone who lives in mortal fear that someone….somewhere….might be having fun”????!!

  • Ymarsakar

    The Leftist alliance, and people are part of the Left whether they want to be or not, are morally equivalent to the people who cut up Hirsi’s body for religious sexual control.
    They are the same. No difference. But of course, equality and mutual respect commands us to respect, tolerate, and do bipartisan deals with the Left. Absolutely sickening. No future in such a society.

  • JKB

    Not strictly on topic, but I just came across this youtube video that uses Pink Floyd’s The Wall.  I don’t think they comprehend the lyrics very well.  They got hung up on the education and completely missed the line about thought control.

  • David Foster

    Religion and Supernatural Force:  A very high % of people who strongly reject organized religion do, in fact, believe in supernatural forces, ranging from astrology (at the relatively sane end of the continuum) to magical crystals and levitation (at the other end.)  Many of them also believe in contact with the spirits of the departed.  So what we have here is something quite different from a late-1700s-style antireligious rationalist.
    The above belief patterns are particularly common among college-educated women under 40, who typically define themselves as “spiritual but not religious.”
    C S Lewis’s devil, in The Screwtape Letters, looked forward to the coming of what he called “the materialist magician.”

    • Ymarsakar

      People always look around for an authority to Obey. They’re much like wild dogs in that sense, they want to Obey a hierarchy, no matter whether it is evil or good.
      If there’s no good religion around, people will merely make up an authority to substitute for it, human sacrifices included.

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