Yet another murderously dangerous DemProg is on the loose *UPDATED*

BOLO for Ryan Kelly Chamberlain -- armed with explosives and dangerous

BOLO for Ryan Kelly Chamberlain — armed with explosives and very dangerous

Maybe the reason DemProgs are so desperate to ban arms is because each DemProg projects onto others his or innate violent instincts.  Unless I’m much mistaken, all, or almost all, of the mass shooters over the past decades, including the Columbine kids, were themselves left-of-center, or came from left-of-center homes.

Aside from those statistical anomalies (i.e., reporters getting terribly excited when suburban white people die), America’s real killing fields are the inner cities in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, etc., all of which are Democrat strongholds.  Moreover, in these cities the main victims and the main perpetrators are American blacks, whose devotion to the Democrat party (the party of white slavers, the KKK, and Jim Crow) means that approximately 90% of those who vote are registered Democrats.

I mention all of this because of a bizarre story about a man wanted by the FBI because he’s considered armed and dangerous:

The FBI has issued a nationwide alert to law enforcement agencies about a San Francisco social media consultant they consider armed and dangerous who is wanted on suspicion of possessing explosives.

There’s an irony, isn’t there, that a “social” media consultant turns out to be a murderous mad man?

It’s not clear from reading the story what Ryan Kelly Chamberlain did that tipped off the FBI to his being an imminent danger to the public.  His former boss says he was a “nice” guy.  His former friend also says he was a nice guy, albeit vindictive and definitely unstable.

It’s not until the 13th, 14th, and 15th paragraphs, in an article 16 paragraphs long, that we get some insight into why the man might be considered a menace:

Chamberlain had worked for years as a political consultant on Democratic campaigns, [his friend] Bramblett said.

He also worked as an independent contractor for The San Francisco Chronicle during the 2012 NFL season, doing social media to boost coverage for the San Francisco 49ers Insider iPad app, the newspaper said.

A spokeswoman for the University of San Francisco said Chamberlain taught a “Grass Roots Mobilization” course to graduate students in the Public Affairs program in 2011. Anne-Marie Devine said Chamberlain taught for one semester, and wasn’t invited to teach another course. She said she didn’t know why because hundreds of adjunct professors come and go at the university.

So there’s your criminal profile:  Young, male, Democrat, journalist, grass-roots community activist.  Scary stuff.

More seriously, here’s what you need to know about 28-year-old Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II in the unlikely event he crosses your path:

FBI spokesman Peter Lee said Sunday that 42-year-old Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II was last seen in a dark blue, hooded sweatshirt and jeans.


Chamberlain is traveling in a white 2008 Nissan Altima with Texas or California license plates, but authorities do not know where he is heading, Lee said.

UPDATE: Goodness! He was caught under the Golden Gate Bridge, which is a scary notion if he actually had explosives. Whenever I drove across the bridge, I want to speed. I hate being on bridges in earthquake and bomber country.

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  1. says

    You know, it’s almost like being around other Democrats kills the will to live and then… stuff happens. Like Dems are part of a death cult and their god is growing stronger, with a bigger aura…

  2. Charles Martel says

    It would take one helluva pile of explosives to take down the Golden Gate Bridge. A small nuke would do it, and maybe a direct hit by a 747 flying at 500 miles per hour. Maybe an 8.5 earthquake. Godzilla definitely. The span is built like a brick s*ithouse, so there are very few forces in the solar system that could take it out. 

  3. says

    The Twitter version of the letter goes like this:
    I have this depression thing. It isn’t easy but I try real hard. Everyone has been so supportive during the hard times. My parents, my relationships and jobs aren’t perfect but I try to pull through. They mean well I work for the political party that pretends to care and leaves me broke but they are really supportive.
    By the way. I’m going to kill all of you and go out in a blaze of glory. Peace and love bros.

  4. says

    This story is kind of weird though. I’m getting the impression that Californians went nuts and the FBI was told to “do it”, even though there may be nothing to “do it” to.
    But given that the NSA has backdoors on computers\networks and auto de-encryption keys with their confiscation of keys, they are easily able to share information with the police or in this case the FBI, to alert them to potential domestic terrorism.
    The law enforcement branch must still “parallel generate” evidence for why they were looking around, though, hence the sealed warrants.
    Now if only the police can do a raid on a Santa rog killer, while sending a few deputies to talk to the suicidally depressed person, things might balance out. And if it turns out we got two close matched fuses that were going to blow well… that just proves our point about the Left.

    • says

      That’s not the search warrant, that’s the arrest warrant with Exhibit A being the search warrant.
      PRISM results are in the probable causes listed in the search warrant. The duplication is listed in the arrest warrant because they already found materials. But the only way they found materials is because they convinced a judge there was “probable cause”, and as far as I know probable cause isn’t “because some anonymous tip said so”.

  5. says
    Y0u should read the list of suspected components, Book. They sound like an IED, that they were going to put on the bridge and then blow up some cars. And maybe secondary explosives to kill first responders. ANd maybe a sniper nest or firearms to kill cars trapped in the crashes.
    Yea, those Californians telling us we need to disarm in the 57 United States sure have something going for them on education.


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