Why Cantor lost

The drive-by media is desperately trying to prove that Eric Cantor lost in the primary because he’s Jewish, never mind the fact that the same 7th district in Virginia had elected him repeatedly before, despite knowing that he was Jewish.  The truth is a little different:

Cantor's loss in one image

And no, the image doesn’t mean Cantor lost because racist. It means that he lost because, despite calling himself a Republican and putting up a decent defense against Obama in 2009, Cantor’s position on amnesty has become indistinguishable from Obama’s. When that’s combined with the images of Latin American young people, many of them ill, and many of them manifestly violent gang members, pouring over our southern borders, voters aren’t going to like that.

And no, the immediately preceding statement doesn’t mean Cantor lost because racist. It’s not anti-Hispanic to be deeply troubled when your borders are overrun by lawbreakers carrying disease and crime. It’s also not anti-Hispanic to find it upsetting that your president snubs his nose at the laws he swore to enforce and that your House Majority leader seems to think that’s a fine idea.

Hat tip: Andrea Shea King, who blogs at Radio Patriot

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  • Libby

    When I lived in Northern Virginia in the 2000’s there were already issues with an influx of immigrants into the region, including MS13 gang crime (they use machetes). I’d imagine that the voters in Cantor’s district were all too aware of how porous borders in AZ and TX directly impacts their lives. It’s not just the border states that absorb the masses Cantor seemed so willing to accept.

    • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

      The rape squads are coming in.
      Personally, I have a miniature stash, specifically 42 inches of steel ready to find a target.

  • JKB

    I don’t know if it is what he meant, but every time I saw Cantor speak about immigration, I got the impression what he was really saying was that as soon as the blowback could be minimized, he’d be happy to jump on the Obama plan.  
    And as a politician, you’d think he’d be better at hiding his duplicity.  I even got that impression from his remarks after he lost.  

  • jj

    The funny part, of course, is: when did the drive-by media start giving a damn about prejudice against a Jew?  Of which this is not a sample, but it’s hilarious the media would, at this rather late stage, be attempting to invoke this one as a cause.

    • Mike Devx

      Cantor has been elected by his constituents for 22 years, since 1992.  Ten years to Virginia’s lower house, twelve years to the US House of Reps.  And only NOW did all those voters discover, for some unknown, unexplained reason, that, My God, The Fellow Is a Jew!
      That’s pretty funny.
      It would be almost as funny to confront a Nancy Pelosi voter in San Francisco.  “What?” the hipster would proclaim, utterly aghast.  “You mean I’ve been voting for THAT Nancy Pelosi all these years!?!?!  I hate that viper!  I thought I was voting for some other woman, like some blonde chick or a great body surfer babe or something.”