Bill Whittle asks who the real traitors among us are

Quite possibly Bill Whittle’s most powerful video ever:

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  • Ymarsakar

    People are connecting the dots, I see. Or at least, they are admitting to it in public.

  • lee

    Spann was killed by another traitor who deserved to be hanged, but is instead sitting on federal prison, suing because his pants are too long.

  • Charles Martel

    I believe the head traitor is off playing golf today. 

  • David Foster

    A very good video, containing some information which needs to be much better known.  I do have to argue, though, that it is not *always* wrong to wear the uniform of one state while simultaneously acting against those who run that state.  As a case in point, I give you the German army Colonel (later General), Hans Oster, one of the earliest and most effective leaders of German resistance to Hitler.
    In 1940, Oster informed his Dutch friend Bert Saas  of the detailed plans for Germany’s invasion of the West….Sas passed the information to his government, but was not believed. Oster calculated that his “treason” could cost the lives of 40,000 German soldiers, and the decision to do it was very painful for him…to a friend, he said:
    It’s much easier to take a pistol and shoot someone down, it’s much easier to storm a machine-gun emplacement, than to do what I have decided to do. And if I should die, I beg you to remain my friend after my death–a friend who knew the circumstances under which I took this decision, and what drove me to do things which perhaps others will never understand, or at least would never have done themselves.
    I believe it was right for Oster to do what he did—but it was also right for him to anguish about doing so.  In German I believe there is a useful distinction between treason against the government (Hochverrat) and treason against the country (Landesverrat)…clearly Oster was guilty of the first, but not, I would argue, the second.
    None of which gets Barack Obama and his crew off the hook.  Most of the German resistants, and certainly Oster, were motivated in large part by the view that what the Nazis were doing was unworthy of the “True Germany.”  The core of the present-day American “progressive” movement, OTOH, seems to be a view that the True America IS unworthy.

    • Ymarsakar

      It depends upon whether a person thinks the country is the King/Hussein or whether the country is its people, the renewable and non renewable resources.

  • David Foster

    One of the factors leading to Benedict Arnold’s treason, IIRC, was his resentment at being passed over for a promotion he thought he deserved. (googled it…that was indeed a major factor, though there were other ones)
    I believe this is quite parallel to the motivation of many “progressives” in their resentment of American society and its general population…Consider, for example, someone who spent years getting an advanced degree in some squishy-soft subject and now finds himself making less than many tradesmen, with no real prospects for advancement.  He is likely to put undue emphasis on his credentials and “intelligence,” and feel there is something deeply wrong with a society in which they are not appreciated.

  • jj

    Benedict Arnold – first military leader f***ed over by congress.

  • Ymarsakar

    Congress barely had any effective power back then. Complaining about dogs while humans are rioting in the streets, is one way to put it.