In honor of Gay #Pride day

gay_pride_parade_200810I saw my first Gay Pride parade in the late 1980s or early 1990s.  I found it revolting, insofar as it reaffirmed my long-held belief that the people most likely to get naked are the ones other people least want to see.

Other than that, I found the whole thing just kind of silly.  Having grown up in San Francisco where, starting in the 1970s, gay life took to the street in the Castro, Polk, and Folsom areas, I thought the parade was gilding the lily.

Moreover, to the extent I found myself sitting by a pair of lesbians heavily accoutred in whips, chains, and strategically placed leather, and nothing else, only to hear them discuss such pressing issues as which of them was responsible for grocery shopping and doing laundry, I kept hearing a variant of Hannah Arendt’s famous “banality of evil” phrase in my head.  These young women most certainly weren’t evil, but they were trying their darndest to look perverted and perverse, only to end up being banal.

I also kept thinking, “Oh, my goodness.  What if a nice Midwestern family with a couple of young children came to San Francisco on vacation and found themselves suddenly staring at topless lesbians on motorcycles, or couples walking down the street, partially clothed, with one person wearing a dog collar and leash, and the other person wielding a whip.  Would this make them more or less sympathetic to gay issues?”

In honor of that last thought, I present you with a good poster that Caped Crusader sent me:

Gay pride

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  • Ymarsakar

    I guess you’ll never be part of the Maverick x Goose scene.

    Oh wait, that would be Keanu Reeves x ….

    Don’t forget they want you to decorate cakes with them saying “Congratulations on being married” or some such.

  • JohnC

    Homosexuals: It’s none of your business if I’m queer or not. Now, Praise Me For Being Queer, Dammit!!

  • qr4j

    Some queers are Republicans who love Jesus. Such people tick off folks on the right because they believe no gay person could be serious about his/her faith as a Christian trying to take up his/her cross daily to follow the Lord. Folks on the left can’t imagine any gay person being a Republican, let alone being conservative in her/his political philosophy or theology.

    The “pride” parade doesn’t represent all gay people. And I am sure Ms. Book does not intend to suggest it.

    As titillating as “pride” parades may be, there is a walk — a parade, if you will — that outshines them by far. It started in Bethlehem, passed through various parts of Palestine, and ended on a hill outside Jerusalem: The Way of Suffering. It began in a barn and culminated on a cross. Its glory was a triumph over all oppression in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

    That’s one helluva REAL parade — all others being nothing more than parodies with many being PATHETIC parodies.

  • Caped Crusader

    Had no intention of beginning a general discussion on the subject, but here is my take. I am an old fossil and and am startled at how this subject has changed over the years. People my age all seemed to realize that this happens to a small percentage of people for reasons that may never be known, and frankly for the most part were unconcerned about it. I do not remember anyone wanting to cause them any problem as long as they were discrete about their situation and did not flaunt or hit on others who did not want their attention. As an example, at my medical school the professor who won the “Golden Apple Award” nearly every year for being the best and most popular faculty member was gay. He was two years ahead of me in training during the 50’s and early 60’s. He is what gay was originally all about, I think (including his sexual orientation); lighthearted, friendly, knew a million jokes, just fun to be around in general; in addition to being a brilliant professor with a great talent and love for teaching. Everyone liked him and never heard a single complaint that anyone had n him, even on 36 hour shifts he was constantly on call with others, eating together and sleeping in the same on call room. He is the best example, but to a lesser extent, this what I experience quite some time ago. I have always known people who were gay, or whom I thought to be gay, including several friends, but never knew, and did not care to, for it was none of my business, and they lived their lives in this discrete mode and had no problems. In my opinion these people did not choose to be gay, or would have chosen to be so, if they had a choice. I have even had some tell me this.

    Over the past 30-40 years being gay seems to have become a contest as to who can be the most perverse, repulsive, in your face, “you gotta like it whether you want to or not” type individual. Frankly, I think for the vast number of these individuals, this is a chosen perverse life style; and they were not born this way. The people I know who are gay would not be seen dead cavorting with these individuals. They have been successful in forcing acceptance of nearly any perverse life style legally upon others, but I believe in the long run it will prove detrimental to them and to society; and sooner or later, the pendulum always swings the other way.

    • Bookworm

      Interesting take, Caped Crusader, because I too remember the gays from my childhood. We knew they were gay, but that was something to be commented upon and then forgotten. What we liked about them was that they were lovely people: interesting, kind, and fun-loving — just like the rest of our friends. Nobody ever commented about their chosen lifestyle, because it was irrelevant.

      • jj

        An attempt to be fair, and perhaps even somewhat understanding. The thing with that – “Gays we all have known” – stuff is that while the discretion exercised by all back in the good ol’ days made for a fairly smooth ride for us (the 95%) it perhaps wasn’t so great for them. Not living their lives, we didn’t see it. Being the minority they were/are, they didn’t much talk about the reality unless it was really pried out of them. They were very often treated neither well nor even with basic fairness, just as human beings. In other words, a lot went on you had to be living in to see. That smooth and mannered life for which we all pine was often not really all that smooth – for them.

        To reinforce the point a bit: a very good and long-term friend (since the 3rd grade) happens to be left-handed. A lot of people are, you’d think (and you’d be right) but the vast majority of us are not. About forty years ago, as an object lesson she took me through her daily life, and back in those days everything, and I mean EVERYTHING – from starting the car to using a phone booth to putting a token in the turnstile to get on the subway in New York. – was designed for the right-handed. Everything was harder for her, and the rest of us not only didn’t think about it, we didn’t even see it.

        It was the same for the small population who were/are gay. They were routinely oppressed in ways large and small that the 95% of us not only didn’t think about, but didn’t even see. Every day, I suspect, offered a menu of humiliations of which we were blissfully unaware – and they didn’t talk about. At least not to the rest of us. So after a long history of being quietly and, to us, invisibly despised and discriminated against, they are at last allowed to take a little pride in being who they are. Have they now swung the pendulum too far the other way in terms of the openly displayed? Sure, but that’s the nature of pendulums.

        So I’m willing to grant some understanding – some; a bit – to the often over-the-top and dimwit activities of the pride parade nonsense. They’re annoying, tasteless, repellant and often enough foul, but if the practitioners had been granted a modicum of understanding by the rest of us all along, they probably wouldn’t be. Quite so much. Or maybe they would, who knows? My understanding goes just so far – but I do have a little. I’ll stay home and avoid the parade, but I won’t tell them they can’t have it. .

  • Charles Martel

    I remember reading—it has to have been at least 20 years ago—an essay by an Australian homosexual. He offered the interesting notion that the word homosexual was neutral in that it described a sexual orientation and carried no other freight in terms of establishing a person’s politics or religious beliefs.

    But “gay,” he said, was a deliberately political term used to denote devotion to the cause of living openly as a homosexual and demanding tolerance, then acceptance, then approval, then sanctification (“Angels in America”). He didn’t like it. The guy thought that “gay” represented a dark side to homosexuality that could only lead to ugly and ultimately repressive things.

    I think he was right. The Pride parade is an ugly affair, with people wallowing in the uses and misuses of their genitalia, immersed in a fake air of gaiety. The fakery at the heart of it fuels the repression. Local politicians and media dutifully report on the joyous happenings of the proud gay community, knowing full well that if they don’t smile and nod in approval, gay fascists will destroy their careers.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s a sign of a very insecure culture. Soviet military parades. NK parades of militarily organized women and starving mothers.

    It’s essentially a huge group think of zombies that obey…. well they obey the gay activists, and the homosexuals that refuse to do so, are taken care of the way moderate Muslims are taken care of by ISIL. They might be focusing on “breeders” and white hetereosexuals, but like any religion, they will go looking for heretics soon enough. Like homosexual Republicans, for example, which has already happened.

    If you think your conversion and environment is tough, Book, try being a homosexual porn actor that converts to conservatism and gets hugged by Ann Coulter. The activists will be on you like white on rice.

    For human analysts and culture analysts, the trends are clear and the controlling mechanism is the same either way. People don’t wish to die alone, they fear that, so they get together with their bucket of crabs for safety in numbers, because they are weak and insecure. They clamor for social recognition and support, because they are too weak arse to live on their own, by themselves, for themselves. The dredges of humanity, deciding for 99% of humanity What Should Be and What the Righteous Path is. No good will ever come from such.