Down and dirty post: lots of pictures and videos

I haven’t had a minute to myself since 8 a.m. This therefore seems like a good time for a quick post consisting of videos and posters. Videos first:

And now the posters:

Coincidence?  (Margaret Sanger and Sandra Fluke)

Coincidence? (Margaret Sanger and Sandra Fluke)

Media cares more about NBA senility than presidential lies

Ben Carson on race

Internet and ancient Egypt

Hillary morally bankrupt

Business v government

(Thanks to Earl, Sadie, and Caped Crusader.)

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  • Robert Arvanitis

    The Sanger – Fluke resemblance is no coincidence.

    Short hair to eschew femininity. Thin, drawn lips a sign of anger and resentment.

    Makes you wonder why Fluke would ever even need contraceptives.

    Never mind she’s to ignorant of economics to understand budgetable versus insurable issues in the first place.

  • Charles Martel

    I’ve always thought that Sandra Fluck is Lena Dunham’s fraternal twin and that they were separated at birth. Fortunately for Sandra, hers has been the better tattooist.