Is Obama’s constant, inappropriate laughter a sign that he is suffering from a mental disorder? *UPDATED*

Obama looking stupidOne of the classic signs of serious mental illness is “inappropriate affect.” In this context, “affect” is the emotional face we present to the world. To the extent that a narcissist’s only emotional fixed point is his own need, most of a narcissists affects are actually faked, but that doesn’t mean they’re inappropriate.

The narcissist knows that it would harm his best interests if he were to giggle uncontrollably at a funeral or pick a fist fight with a patient in hospice. Normal people wouldn’t even think of doing such things (outside of the comedy universe), but a narcissist might want to do both, only to stop himself for fear of breaking cover.

Sometimes, though, narcissists, and other sick people, are so disconnected from reality — including their reality of their own best interests in a given situation — that they can no longer stop themselves from presenting an entirely wrong emotional face to the public.  That completely disconnected emotional presentation goes by the shorthand title of “inappropriate affect.”

One of the major subsets of inappropriate affect is “inappropriate laughter.”  There are seldom any good excuses for behavior.  Here’s one short, computer-generated, somewhat repetitive list of some of the major causes behind inappropriate laughter:

Causes of Inappropriate laughter:

The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Inappropriate laughter. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.

Common Causes: Inappropriate laughter

Some of the possible common medical causes of Inappropriate laughter may include:

Other Causes: Inappropriate laughter

Some of the less common causes of Inappropriate laughter may include:

I don’t mean to write a psychological treatise here. I freely admit I’m not qualified to do so, other than having the dubious pleasure of knowing over the years people suffering from narcissism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, dementia, etc.  Instead, this information is a set-up to the fact that Barack Obama has been behaving very peculiarly lately, with the most obvious manifestation of this peculiar behavior being inappropriate laughter.

Think back to his meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry regarding the tens of thousands of children storming the border.  This flood of humanity has been overwhelming resources and bringing both crime and disease in its wake (and that’s not even counting the crimes visited upon the children themselves, especially sexual crimes).

Even if Obama’s ideology means that he is celebrating the breakdown of America’s border, a high-functioning narcissist would recognize that the public doesn’t want to see the American president laughing about a man-created disaster our southern border. Laughter, however, is precisely what the president offered to the American people:

Obama thinks the border is a joke

Obama thinks the border is a joke 2

Looking at that picture, the first thought a mentally healthy person would have is “There’s something very wrong going on there.”  (As for the laughter from Obama’s entourage, we know he surrounds himself by “yes” men, so it’s not unreasonable for those same “yes” men to laugh when the boss laughs, no matter the absence of actual humor.)

It would be easy enough to pass off what happened in the Texas meeting if it weren’t for the fact that Obama was at it again just today. This morning, news broke that Malaysian Airlines, which already lost a plane with all its crew and passengers just a few months ago, once again lost a plane.

This time, if reports are accurate, pro-Russian forces in the Ukraine deliberately shot down a passenger jet traveling from Amsterdam to Malaya. All 295 people aboard the plane died, including 23 Americans.

No matter how one looks at the crash, it’s no laughing matter. There’s the human tragedy of so many deaths, there’s the national tragedy of so many American deaths, and there’s the international concern of Russian forces shooting down planes. Putin may have bitten off more than he can chew with his Ukraine adventure, but the fact remains that it’s a big deal when the Russian military kills close to 300 people, many of them Americans, and apparently does so intentionally.

So what does Obama do in the face of this big and serious deal? He gives the event a cursory 40 second salute and then, as if by the click of switch, reverts to his prepared remarks, smiling and cracking jokes:

The videos currently available don’t quite capture Obama’s bizarre emotional transition. It remains to the press, many of whom are or have been Obama supporters, to paint a picture of his emotional distance:

Even Piers Morgan (Piers Morgan!!) was shocked by Obama’s cavalier attitude towards a human tragedy and international problem:

Singer Josh Groban added his own two cents to Morgan’s comments:

Obama’s bizarre quips and laughter have also surfaced in connection with an increasingly voiced concern that he has created a serious constitutional crisis by ignoring Congress’s laws and creating his own.  The preceding 43 presidents, if they were challenged on the ground that they violated their constitutional oath, would strike back with carefully prepared remarks justifying their conduct and pointing to authority.

That’s not what Obama has done.  Instead, as Rich Lowry details, he’s once again engaged in peculiar and inappropriate flights of “humor”:

President Barack Obama styles himself a wit, and some of his best material lately has to do with his abuse of his powers.

“Middle-class families can’t wait for Republicans in Congress to do stuff,” Obama told a crowd on the Georgetown Waterfront on July 1. “So sue me.” Hilarity ensued.

He cracked them up in Austin last week. “You hear some of them,” he said, referring to Republicans, “‘sue him,’ ‘impeach him.’ Really? Really? For what? You’re going to sue me for doing my job?”


It takes a truly blithe spirit to play the constitutional deformation of his office, and the ensuing congressional reaction, for laughs.

Once again, rational people must look at Obama’s misplaced jocularity and think to themselves “There’s something very wrong happening there.”

Going back to that laundry list, above, detailing the most common reasons for inappropriate laughter, it seems to me that there are only a few we can discount immediately, such as Tourette syndrome, Angelman syndrome, tic disorders, etc.

Others raise themselves as real possibilities.  Take substance abuse, for example.  Given Obama’s youthful problems with marijuana and cocaine, it’s perfectly reasonable to believe that, as the stresses of his office pile up (including the stress attendant upon setting up an imperial presidency), Obama is self-medicating.  There are also perennial rumors that both Obamas, Michelle and Barack, drink too much.

If there’s no substance abuse, Obama’s bizarre behavior could stem from an organic disorder.  This disorder could run the gamut from dementia and schizophrenia to a brain tumor.

Or, of course, and perhaps most likely, we could just be seeing the grandiose stylings of a malignant narcissist drunk with power.  Surrounded by his flunkies and acolytes, enjoying the permanent job security that comes with his race, and delighting in the downfall of a country he hates (his own, as it happens), Obama may perceive himself as a man without any of the limitations that confine ordinary people.  Nothing can touch him.

Regardless of the cause, when the president of what still is, just barely, the most powerful nation in the world begins to behave abnormally in public, people have to start worrying.  Whether our president is under the influence, crazy, ill, or just power mad, we Americans are suddenly finding ourselves in exactly the same position as Europeans of old who suffered through the madness brought about by hereditary monarchs in the grip of megalomanias that resulted from everything from inbreeding, to syphilis, to the mental corruption of absolute power.

UPDATE: I know I’m on the right track when I discover that Iowahawk is on the same track:

  • nelly

    Caligula comes to mind. . .

    • Yep, that one. Democrats have a 1000 Caligulas waiting to… administer to Americans, soon enough.

  • lee

    Heck, I just think back to when he was in Ann Arbor and he made some stupid joke about “meanwiches” and “stinkburgers”–it was weird. It was an incredibly juvenile joke and he clearly thought he was quite clever and quite the wit making that joke. He’s very disconnected. Most people know when jokes fall flat–or when joking is completely inappropriate. He cannot.


    Diagnose this!

    Vt. Sen. Patrick Leahy and Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick have both linked the SS St. Louis and the Holocaust to illegal immigration on our southern borders. Their chutzpah is beyond belief. Moral equivalency from the same party that turned back the SS St. Louis!

  • It could also be drug use. Is it any coincidence that as recreational drugs have become a greater part of American everyday life our politicians are more bizarrely self confident, disconnected, overtly shameless , corrupt and unapologetic? Would Rob Ford have done this any differently?

  • Morgan needs to shut his trap. If he is who I think he is, he’s been Hussein’s mongrel dog for years now. How dare he bite his Massa now, of all time, that skunk.

    Only takes one little report from here to the SS, and Morgan will be on “vacation” soon enough like dear Mitsu when he had doubts about Obamacare.

  • ” This disorder could run the gamut from dementia and schizophrenia to a brain tumor.”

    Remember when I told everyone around that Hussein loves seeing Americans suffer and die from torture?

    Don’t ever rule out being “evil” as the cause of anything. Usually it is the easiest explanation when all others fail.

  • Charles Martel

    When we look at all of Nancy Boy’s “ics,” such as his being patently narcissistic, I think he’s also sociopathic. There is not a whit of empathy in the man. As far as I can see, he is totally amoral, which I suppose is one manifestation of Ymarsakar’s term, “evil.” I don’t quite go so far as to call Obama flat-out evil because I don’t think he operates from an immoralist’s assumption that what he does is based on some good, however horrendous the consequences of his acts.

    I don’t see Obama as understanding the concept of good in any sense other than whatever serves his own precious ego. Unfortunately for us, that ego seems best served by tearing down something he is incapable of sustaining or understanding: America.

    • Kathy from Kansas

      If the majority of Americans didn’t compulsively turn up their noses at the issue of abortion (“don’t want to think about it, don’t talk to me about it”), they might have taken note of Obama’s beyond-extreme behavior on that issue, and hence might have thought twice about electing him in the first place. As an Illinois state senator, Obama vigorously advocated outright infanticide of babies born alive after failed late-term abortions. Obama’s reasoning was that if a woman has signed up for an abortion, she has the right to a dead baby, no ifs, ands or buts. If the baby has the audacity to actually survive the procedure, then we must kill it, kill it already!

      People should have been appalled to learn that state senator Obama not only voted for keeping infanticide legal, but he was the one and only member of the Illinois senate who actually took to the senate floor and gave a speech defending the practice. This is more hard core than even Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer, who, when the issue came up in the U.S. Senate, drew the line at not killing babies once they’re actually out of the womb. Not so Obama.

      That one thing, all by itself, sent chills up my spine back in 2008. I knew instantly that Obama was one very cold fish. Zero empathy. Zero sense of justice for the powerless, whatever his fancy rhetoric to the contrary. Zero normal, tender human feeling for the little ones of our own kind. The man is a freak and a monster. If he has no protective instinct toward the small and helpless, why would anyone think he’d have any protective instinct toward the great mass of Americans? If he could so easily dispose of the lives of those who are totally innocent, why should we suppose he would have any concern at all for the lives of you and me, especially if we are a nuisance to him, i.e., by opposing him? This is the last sort of person on earth that should ever be given any power over the lives of other people.

      Oh, how I tried to warn people! But they would not believe me when I told them about Obama and the born-alive babies. When I gave them links to solid documentation of it, they refused to look into them. They did not want to know. They blamed the messenger and put their heads in the sand. The “cool” people were all voting for Obama, and they were going to get on that bus no matter what.

      As for your thoughts on amoral vs. immoral: While I do think Obama is mentally disturbed, sometimes mental illness overlaps with evil. (I think Scott Peck has written about this, if I’m remembering right.) I always think it’s worth noting that Obama’s guiding light, Saul Alinsky, dedicated his nasty, pernicious little book to Lucifer, “the first rebel.”

      Those two things — the born-alive babies he wanted killed, and learning his community-organizing tactics from a guy who admired Satan — tell me everything I need to know about Obama. And this information was out there in 2007 and 2008. Those of us who were paying attention predicted that he would be cold, capricious and tyrannical. He’s doing exactly what malignant narcissists do.

      • Charles Martel

        Bless you, Kathy from Kansas. What a strong, articulate voice you are. I hope there will be more of you on this site.

        • Seconded!

          I’m also concerned about the affects of his parenting on Malia and Sasha. Are the girls merely props? I suspect the dogs are, since they are only brought out when it’s time to “change the subject.”

  • Charles Martel

    I want to add to my comment above: I think Obama definitely is a pothead. And I think his wife probably does have a drinking problem. She is the more self-aware of the two, and deep down realizes that only thing that got her as far as she has come is an insidious and pernicious racism that has always seen her skin color, not her, as the essence of Michelle Obama. She knows she lacks the intelligence and skills to have been elevated to the titles she never truly earned. Being as she’s a more complete human than the sociopath she pretends to sleep with, it has to grate knowing that she has always been and always will be a racist-controlled marionette.

  • There’s a good blog post by purple several years back, that covered this topic of how I define things like evil.

    So whether people are immoral, or amoral, or have different moralities, all of it is included.

  • jj

    ‘Obama may perceive himself as a man without any of the limitations that confine ordinary people. Nothing can touch him.’. Well, how do you perceive him? Does anything touch him? He’s broken law after law after law. He routinely shreds the Constitution. He lies endlessly. He is beyond the merely ripe for impeachment – and what happens to him? Where’s any comeuppance? Where’s any downside or consequence? Where’s any punishment? THERE IS NONE! He thinks he’s untouchable? You going to tell me with a straight face he isn’t? I keep hearing – from everybody – “well, he’s done it now, this is really over the line. His presidency is exploding! He’s really in trouble this time!” NO HE ISN’T! NOTHING F***ING HAPPENS! Nor will it. He’s every bit -at least – as untouchable as he thinks he is. I’m really bored with pretending there’s some point to noting his illegal, unconstitutional, ant-American behavior. There isn’t. No point to it at all.

    • Kathy from Kansas

      You gotta hand it to those devils Bill Ayers, George Soros and all the others who orchestrated Obama’s rise to power. It was a stroke of genius on their part. They KNEW that with an unimpeachable, untouchable man in the White House they could deliver the final blow to America that they’d been lusting after for decades.

  • Caped Crusader

    No mystery here. It is appropriate laughter for a juvenile brain developed egomaniac who is getting away with destroying a country he has always hated, piece by piece, and seeing the results, and realizing there is no one who has the audacity to challenge him or his acolytes because he is black, and his supporters are all as evil as he is. Hard for even him to believe it is so easy. So, every day he grows bolder. I am sure Hitler must have felt the same way.

  • Mike Devx

    I remember commenting here after a few months of Obama that to me, he wasn’t like a human being; he was more like a quasar beeping signals at me from deep space, billions of light years away. Totally remote, totally removed, totally alien, and totally out there.

    I’ve never changed my mind. He does get angry – but only when he doesn’t get his way. I have never seen one other true emotion from him. It is all staged, all delivered, all fake. He’s good at – but only when he’s practiced, and is in front of his teleprompter.

    I’m sure he has fun occasionally, such as golfing with a few people who defer to him, or shooting hoops with a few people who defer to him. I would give a molar to be able to sit in the stands at a basketball game of 5 on 5 where he is treated as just another guy on the court. I honestly think he could NOT handle it maturely. Because he would not be the center of attention. He would definitely NOT be having fun.

    I think he is capable of evaluating something as “bad” or being worthy of causing sadness. But I believe he is incapable of actually feeling empathy and sadness for the plight of others.

    Charles M uses the word sociopath. Very likely, Obama is a sociopath. I suppose it depends on the definition. I don’t think he would deliberately harm a million people, or cause them to die. But if his actions accidentally caused one million deaths, I don’t think he would feel anything, anything at ALL!

    That’s the big worry. Sure his far-left policies are extraordinary destructive in the long run. But because he is a sociopath, he is capable of actually triggering something massively horrifying accidentally.

    We’ve survived the first five and a half years of him without him causing utter catastrophe. Two and a half more years to go. Cross your fingers.

    • “We’ve survived the first five and a half years of him without him causing utter catastrophe. ”

      That’s because you didn’t live in Libya, Syria, or were at Benghazi.

  • Libby

    I agree that it’s likely to be a combination of narcissism and drug use, and I don’t think he ever took a break from the drugs. I do wonder what prescription drugs he’s on, possibly an anti-depressant..

    More recently, I think he has just grown tired of his job and the whole charade. Six years is a long run for a guy who is bored easily (based on his job history). Pair that with suspicion that he’s more of a figurehead with people like Valarie Jarrett and John Podesta really doing the day-to-day work while he flits from Presidential appearance to fund raiser to celebrity party. While he clearly enjoys the perks, the cognitive dissonance of thinking you’re the smartest guy in the room while daily being propped in front of the cameras/adoring crowds to talk pretty while the grownups do the thinking must grate. I think that is why he’s now itching to break free of the White House more often. Imagine having to go to work in that office, where so many great men before him have sat, knowing that deep down he just can’t handle it – that he’s just checking boxes of lists that Valerie and others others have prepared. And yet he’s still required, day after day, to pretend he cares (hiding his contempt for America and her citizens) and that he’s got it all under control.

    • Charles Martel

      I think you’ve pretty much nailed it, Libby. Obama’s in the position of the out-of-his-league Visigoth sacking Rome or the flash-in-the-pan rock group member in a fancy New York hotel room: Let’s trash the mutha!


    When murder, mayhem and allahu Akbar is designated “workplace violence” anything and everything thereafter reinforced what we saw and heard one year into the job. Freak Zacharia almost got the title of his little book, The Post-American World, right. Closer to reality, I would have entitled it The Post-Mortem America.

    November 5, 2009: Two minutes into a four-minute speech and following a “shout out” to Dr. Joe Medicine Crow ….

    • SADIE

      The video didn’t load and neither did Obama. “An error occurred, please try again later” – truer words were never spoken.

      • Caped Crusader

        Sadie, this gets the job done on my computer:

        • SADIE

          Thanks Caped Crusader, but don’t you think the dark screen was a look into his mind? ; )

          • It was probably the mass of flies the Lord of Flies here commands, becoming so dense it blocked out the light.

          • Caped Crusader

            Voila, Sadie! Totally missed the exquisite sublety.

  • JohnC

    Obama: A passenger jet got shot down? Ha ha ha.. giggle… snort… Let’s eat!

  • Danny Lemieux

    It is pretty obvious to me that Obama makes fundraisers a priority because of his need to surround himself with adoring fans who want to hear him speak to them. Pathetic and sad.

  • Obama is primarily an actor. And an actor, playing a role in which great suffering (of the character or someone close to the character) was involved, might easily step away from the role at break time and have a laugh with this pals.

    BUT….if the role being played was of a real person involved in a real historical event…especially one fairly close in time to the present…then I imagine most actors would have difficulty disentangling themselves from the role in just a few moments.

  • Kathy, most humans are dim wits, retarded, or blind. That’s just a fact. About 68% of humans are followers, sheep, or incompetent. 25% of the bottom quartile is definitely incompetent. The upper 10% are the leaders, resource controllers, the elites. The top 3% are the people who actually advance the Race, such as the Founding Fathers.

    So you should take it as a point of pride that people refused to believe you. If they did believe you, that would put you as part of their herd and group think. It’s the fact that humans are retarded and see nothing, that becomes the absolute proof that the “minority” are right or above the masses. Geniuses are not geniuses if everyone accepts them and praises their work. Then they are just commoners.

    In all of human history, the scientists and geniuses that thought outside the human box, that advanced the Human Race with breakthroughs and engineering marvels, were considered idiots, retarded, stupid, crazy, or just wrong.

    It is the fate of anyone that sees clearly and truthfully, to be ostracized and rejected, at least on some level, by the masses of humanity. There’s really no avoiding it, unless you reject your own conscience and meld with the “herd”.

  • The Left has standard propaganda defenses arranged for their zombies. So if you hit a weak point in their armor, such as Hussein stomping on newborns to abort them, 99% of the zombies will go quiet. That’s what they did when I flung this at their face in 2008-2012. They would argue unceasingly about healthcare and other stuff, with Republicans. They would constantly attack Sarah Palin’s “rape kit” fabricated story. I start in on them, and they go silent.

    That doesn’t mean they lost. It means they don’t have a smart line that was fed to them, that they think they can use against me and the dead babies. Their mental construct can’t be destroyed by this attack, but they can be pushed back. Whatever damage the zombies suffer, they will tune into NPR or Valerie Jarret, then their propaganda strength is recovered to full again.

    SO that’s why people went quiet against Kathy’s remarks. They were on target. When attacks are on target, Time on Target, then proceed to automatic fire at will. Pierce through the Left’s armor, Make it Hurt.

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  • JohnC

    Here’s our current President talking about the (apparent) Russian attack on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17:
    (Longer version so you can really get the full effect.)

    Here’s President Ronald Reagan talking about the Russian attack on Korean Airlines Flight KAL-oo7:

    Compare and contrast.

    • That’s a good video of Reagan. It’s almost like he is briefing the American troops, so that they can fight Leftism, not so much giving a morale boosting speech, but an actual military “here is what we know, now use this information and face plant the Soviets and their American sympathizers with it”.

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