Bookworm Beat — The Illustrated Edition (and an Open Thread)

Woman writingIt’s quite flattering that, during the weekends, everyone in my world wants a piece of me. It also precludes blogging. I’ve saved a whole bunch of interesting sites, but didn’t have the time to write anything. I do, however, have some pictures to share with you. (And many thanks to both Caped Crusader and Sadie for helping me compile them.) Oh, and don’t leave before you’ve scrolled down to the bottom, because the sugary treat at the end is a brilliant Evan Sayet video.

All Israel No Syria

Women are equal to men

Low standards for American president

Six scariest words in the English language

Meet him half way

Six things you don't mess with

Self-perpetuating cycles

Thank God we don't worship kings today

Hamas are not animals

Win the PR war for Daddy

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  • JKB

    Here’s a couple of the more technical variety. First an article from Strategy Page about Israeli tech. We know and heard about the Iron Dome but even more frustrating for Hamas is the anti-missile system the Israeli have perfected for their tanks. It started out as Russian technology but Israel has perfected it and is the only country to have used it in battlefield conditions.

    Next is a response to the Everytown “helpless woman” anti-gun video. It shows what a woman intent on surviving should do. I like how they indicate that the child should be sent to a hiding place instead of left in danger as the original video shows.

  • qr4j

    Full Circle:

    1. ISIS crisis in Syria and Iraq because of Obama’s mishandling of situation.
    2. Hamas’ tunnels of terror in Israel with noodle-spined SOS Kerry as Obama’s rep mishandling the situation.
    3. Libya in shambles due to Obama’s SOS Hillary Clinton. Four dead Americans as a result.
    4. Obama’s porous/nonexistent borders in the USA with recently reported non-Central/South American (read Middle-Eastern) border crossers.

    When the Middle East situation ushers in the Third World War OR we have another 9/11 attack here in the USA, will the world remember what got us to that point? Obama’s foreign policies aren’t just affecting “them” who are “over there.” They’re circling back and affecting us here at home.

    Did you see the Nancy Pelosi finger-pointing attack of a fellow member of Congress? OMG, if she were Sarah Palin, there’d be no end to the bashing.

    Pelosi has to be losing it mentally. She’s lost it. Who else would get away with this behavior?

    Know what? I am sick of politicians. I don’t trust them. And I loathe Democrats even more for the mess they’ve put this country in.

  • Caped Crusader

    Thank you for your service:

    YOU’RE FIRED!! You only protect our country, and are not as essential as illegal aliens flooding our country who MUST be cared for, and will taught to for us en mass.



    Your political class scum from top to bottom

    • SADIE

      The neutering of the military continues and have been replaced with hand-picked attorney activists on behalf of the DHS and DoJ. This is the civilian army Obama promised.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Sayet piece was entertaining.

    I find that writing takes a lot less time than embedding links and formatting.

  • JKB

    Sean Hannity went to Israel and has send back pictures of the Hamas tunnels. Never would have thought how deep the tunnels were, and therefore how much time, money and effort went into them. Time, money and effort that could have been spent making Gaza a functioning place.

    If only news reporters had been able to get to Israel before now.

    • SADIE

      Mullahs and moles and tens of millions of dollars of concrete poured into holes and tunnels. There is no light at the end of their tunnels – there is no light above their tunnels. They live in dark world of the 7th century.


    If today’s New York Times editors were around in 1943 …..

  • Ron19

    Valerie Jarret shaking her head side to side, nodding her head up and down while she talks.–wh-advisor-jarrett-criticize-israels-indefensible-attacks-on-hamas-n1874305?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl

    Ii you’ve ever wondered what poker players and detective novels mean when they talk about “tells,” this is what they look like.