You’re not paranoid if you think some Muslims are out to get you

One of the points I frequently make is that the only way anti-Semites can maintain the myth that Jews are out for world domination is to make things up out of whole cloth (as is the case with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion) or to take the absence of any evidence of a Jewish conspiracy as proof that there is, in fact, a Jewish conspiracy.  The other point I make is that, when it comes to asserting that radical Islam (which affects tens of millions of the world’s Muslims), one doesn’t need to make things up or point to the absence of evidence as proof.  The Islamists are extremely proud of their goals.  Don’t just look to the ISIS animals; look to the suits throughout the Middle East:

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  • Ymarsakar

    George Soros is out for world domination, even if the Jews as a unity are not.

    Which is why it is curious. You don’t see the anti semites attack him, do you?

    • Robert Arvanitis

      Temporary marriage of convenience. Islamists will ally with Soros to bring down Western civilization – just as Soros allied with the Nazis.
      And no, that is emphatically not Godwin’s Law, because Soros was in fact a Nazi collaborator, and truth is an absolute defense.

  • Libby

    Yes, I’m just as worried about the smooth-talking ones who have great influence over our government, such as CAIR, Homeland Security adviser Mohamed Elibiary (, long-time Hillary adviser Huma Abedin, and rumored muslim convert CIA Director John Brennan.

    But not to worry, Obama’s DHS is busy preparing for America’s greatest threat: anti-government violence, such as what was seen in the Bundy ranch standoff.Priorities!

    • Ymarsakar

      Reid has to secure his borders, and that means he has to drive out Americans that refuse to kneel down and Obey.

  • Charles Martel

    I have never understood what would make an intelligent person convert from Christianity or secularism to Islam. I know that its simplicity and imposition of clear (if purity-obsessed) directives on the daily activities of life may be attractive to people who crave order (secularists) or who want a list of to do’s that will gain them Allah’s bordello if they just follow the script (Christians). No real thought or commitment necessary; just tick off the items on the checklist.

  • David Foster

    Charles Martel…see Phyllis Chesler on Jihad Brides:

    The piece reminded me of Arthur Koestler’s 1950 novel The Age of Longing, whose protagonist is a young American woman who develops a passionate attachment to a committed Russian communist. I’ve reviewed it, but will link the review in a separate comment so as not to upset the spam filter..

    • Charles Martel

      David, thanks for the link. Chesler is relentless in naming what happens to many women under Islam. The depravity that that sorry religion often encourages is appalling. Half of all Muslims are oppressed in often murderous ways and not a peep out of western feminists.

      Please do say some more about the Koestler novel.

  • Mike Devx

    At some points, I thought I was watching Baghdad Bob.

    Do you think this fellow REALLY believes all the nonsense he is spouting? “We fight the countries, not the people. The people in these Western countries want Islam,” he says.

    Oh, really? We want to become severely oppressed second class citizens (at best). All the best jobs “reserved for Muslims” – as this fellow freely admits.

    I bet his answer would be that we should convert to Islam as Allah expects. That, of course, is the solution for everything!

    It was interesting though to see the dissent in the discussion. The woman – the newscaster, interviewer, moderator? – was actually protesting at various points.

    I’m betting that he found the very idea of a WOMAN publicly disagreeing with him to be completely intolerable! I’m sure he thought she had been perverted by barbaric Western ideas causing her to dare to speak up against a Muslim man. I wonder if he thought, “Where’s an ISIS stormtrooper when you need one? This woman needs to be taught a harsh lesson.”

  • David Foster

    Here’s the review of the Koestler book I mentioned in the comment about Jihad Bridge. As I mention in the review, protagonist Hydie’s strong erotic attachment to a Russian communist is to a considerable (but not perfect) extent paralleled by today’s women who are attracted to radical Islam and radical Islamists:

    • Charles Martel

      I read the review. Damn, Foster, you write and think as well as anybody out there.

      How doubly distressed Koestler, an atheist, must have felt: For him, reason destroys the plausibility of a God-centered universe even as blind nature tortures humans with an unanswerable, unquenchable thirst for hope and meaning. It almost makes me feel sorry for leftists and Muslims.


  • David Foster

    …Jihad BRIDES, not Bridge

  • Mike Devx

    I have been struck by the thought that Islamism is the perfect response to Gandhi’s claim that pacifist resistance will work everywhere.

    At best, he and his followers would enter a life of savage and severe apartheid and oppression.

    At worst, they would all go down very quickly with a knife sliced across the throat, and every body left to rot or dumped in mass graves.

    ISIS would go through Gandhi like a knife through soft butter, leaving nothing but the dead behind. And the killers would sleep very peacefully at night, content in their certainty that they are serving Allah well. Gandhi has no answer for what we are seeing.

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