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I had every intention of blogging today — lots of articles and lots of ideas — but haven’t been able to spend a single minute at the computer. We’ve had a big family project going on that required my full attention. I’ll try to blog this evening but, if not, I’ll put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) tomorrow.

Until then, given how interesting the news is, please enjoy an open thread here.

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    Something light and amusing – French Internet dating with subtitles and subplot.

  • JKB

    I was just watching the ReasonTV interview of P.J. O’Rourke about his new book on Baby Boomers.

    In the start of the interview, O’Rourke mentions that the Boomers grew up in a very unique, peaceful time. This fed the “you can do anything” attitude and a bunch of the political delusions as well.

    This reminded me of Alan Macfarlane’s observation on the the development of the modern world in England. That it came mostly from England being an island, mostly united by common language and culture, and most importantly, not having a significant war after the 13th century, i.e., peace and the lack of need/desire for a central authoritarian figure to repel invaders. I’ve seen similar observations about the US, being something of a continental island on two oceans, peaceful northern neighbor and not particularly threatening southern neighbor. Thus facilitating the advancement of democracy, et al. Not that England, nor the US aren’t war-like, we just fight our wars elsewhere.

    But that is all gone now. Islamists are on the march and are inside Britain. The US has barbarians at the Southern Border and the government does nothing. Islamists can make small targeted attacks in the the continental US. And, of course, the regulatory state has made taking advantage of the Peace to build something useful near impossible. The DemProgs are seeking to provoke violence inside the interior of the US by breaking Americans into disparate groups of US citizens defined by arbitrary, uncontrollable, biological characteristics rather than devotion to ideals.

    There are few if any physical places of peace where society can advance. War, violence, drag down economic advance and political freedom. There is the possibility of virtual islands that morph as the government regulators move against them. But what of the uninspired; are they to become refugees as the DemProgs run their campaigns of disruption?

    Remember how hopeful the world seemed after the Iraq invasion. A nasty conflict to be sure, but Ghadafi gave up his WMDs, it looked like there were possibilities ….but not after the Nobel Peace Prize winner got involved.

  • Charles Martel

    Very interesting comments, JKB. Over the past few years I’ve wondered where the islands of resistant sanity might form if Obama and the left succeed in their mission of dismantling America. The big unknown right now is whether the left has overplayed its hand. It seems as though it has successfully completed its march through the institutions, and that America is a hair-breadth’s away from becoming the kind of s**thole that people like Obama love to wallow in.

    But I’m wondering if we aren’t in the quiet before the storm. Totalitarian movements are always brittle things. They expend so much energy on lies and intimidation that they come to believe in their own invulnerability and inevitability. They’re like Goliath parading before little David, full of insults and bluster.

    I don’t know what could precipitate an American Timisoara, the event that brought down Ceausescu, but something like it is out there, waiting to happen. There are so many people who are sick and tired of the amoral little minds that have hijacked our country, so when the left takes its final arrogant overstep, hell will break loose.

    There will be much tar, feathers, and high lampposts in our future.

    • Ymarsakar

      A lot of interesting comments over at Neo Neo’s blog. If I judge it right, Neo Neo and Bookworm are at least 4 years ahead of the pack.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Hammer, I so do believe that you are right on the money. We are leading toward a cataclysm of a kind. Don’t know what, don’t know when, don’t know how, but even my children and their peers can sense that it is coming.

    • Kathy from Kansas

      I’ve heard 17- to 25-year-olds say they think there will be revolution or civil war in the near- to mid-term future. Along with all the usual personal issues that this demographic struggles with — relationships, career, etc. — they’re also burdened with trying to formulate their convictions about when, why, how, under what circumstances would they be willing to use armed force; who would they want or not want on their team when the SHTF; whether and/or where they would seek refuge, etc.

      On the one hand, it’s humbling to see how clear-eyed and hard-to-fool many young people are — much more so than many of their elders. On the other hand, it breaks my heart that this younger generation has such horrible things to worry about.

      I have a niece who was gung-ho for Obama in 2008. Even she now fears “a government take-over.”

  • Caped Crusader

    There is a general sense of unease and impending disaster among most of the populace, and that is reflected in the last few years gun sales. The salvation will be the hinterland, away from the bi-coastal blues, as they collapse into anarchy, riot, looting and rampant murder of a PC gun controlled populace unable and unwilling to defend itself. Survival and regeneration (if outsiders do not invade and conquer) will come as “Bubba” and his flock who know how to hunt, fish, farm, and slaughter animals for food survive. A highly developed society such as we live in today is a very fragile thing and very few, who have grown up in it’s bosom, have any realization that this is so.

    • Ymarsakar

      Evil is very apt at destroying things. Creating things… not so much.

  • Caped Crusader

    Dedicated to Bookworm as she lives in motion: