• The propaganda posters are evolving. They are getting to the point where I was at in 2010/2012.

    Forced evolution is the result of conflict in nature. Nothing like a Leftist bio war to cook things up.

  • This isn’t a prediction on my part, but from instinct and intuitive data gathering, I’ve noticed that Democrats tend to convert the votes of Republicans to Democrat candidates.

    If that happened in the past and the voter id registration of such people were erased, to prevent statistical correlations between Republicans who suddenly vote Democrat, it would be a much more consistent explanation of that 2 -9 million “number”.

    Strategically, this would require proper preparation rather than superior tactical IQ. However, since the Left has been stealing elections since at least FDR’s days (and ostensibly in 1870s via the KKK), it’s not such a far cry. Electronics merely make it more clever and subtle, especially if the hard drive backups keep failing with all the important Secretary of State oversight details.

    The exit polls are massaged. Excess conversions from too many Republicans, are merely deleted from the rolls, making it seem like Republicans didn’t vote. But if you trace the names of every one and check if their votes were tallied… what would you see?

  • Mike Devx

    Well, we’re four days away from Election Day, and I still can’t tell what’s going to happen.

    Polls appear to indicate tight races for those races that could lead to a GOP Senate majority.

    But the only real numbers I’ve seen are the early voting numbers out of Colorado, and the GOP has a 10% lead on ballots cast, with about 45% of the total ballots to be cast already cast – this is a VERY LARGE increase over what is normal. It isn’t foolproof in predicting a GOP victory there, but it is a daunting lead at this point.

    The overal strategy for conservatives seems clear to me.

    Conservatives should focus on unseating incombents in mid-term elections. This includes weak, RINO GOPers in the primary, and Democrats in the general election. Incumbents are almost impossible to beat in Presidential elections, but they appear vulnerable in the mid-terms.

    In Presidential election years, focus on ensuring your conservative incumbents stay elected. MAybe target the few more vulnerable incumbents, but in general you’re not going to unseat them, so don’t waste your money.

  • Libby

    The street artist Sabo is doing an excellent job. http://tinyurl.com/m2z6an9

    He’s even been interviewed by the Secret Service for tweeting the desire for the return of a zombie Lee Harvey Oswald. We need more Sabo’s and James O’Keefes on our side!