The Bookworm Beat 12/8/14 — the mother of all illustrated editions (and Open Thread)

Even though I’ve been away from the computer a bit in the last few days, my wonderful friends Caped Crusader and Sadie have continued to be zealous about finding the best posters from all over the blogosphere.  I’m playing catch-up today, so I’m going to jumble all 35 of them in a single post.  I’ll also do something I rarely do, which is to offer my comments about a couple of them which I think need explanation (or at least I need to explain why I’ve chosen to publish them).  Here goes:

I’m not publishing the following to say that blacks are bad people. I’m publishing it because it very quickly and efficiently makes the point that blacks are far and away the biggest victims of the violent crime within their own communities.  Doing away with police officers, which is the end result of these riots, will worsen, not improve, black communities and black safety:

Tragic black crime statistics

By publishing this poster about slavery, I’m not trying to absolve 18th and 19th century white Americans from the sin of slavery. I’m just agreeing that the historical record errs when it absolves blacks of being complicit in that same sin.  They were participants in America (although their numbers were few) and they were necessary in Africa, where rival tribes sold each other to the Muslim slave traders.  And speaking of Muslims, another useful poster would reveal Muslim complicity in the slave trade, something that’s part of Islamic doctrine and, therefore has extended from Islam’s inception to the present day:

Slavery statistics

Okay, I’m now off the soapbox. Enjoy the rest of the images within my commentary:

Art appreciation


Obama's new constitution

Priests versus teachers when it comes to child sexual abuse

The damage of fatherless homes

Most dangerous liars are those who think they're telling the truth

Love your enemies but always keep your gun oiled

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Discipline your children

Get the White House to play Alabama

Hate cops call a crackhead

While eyes on Ferguson Obama empties Gitmo

The face you make when your rape lies collapse

Democrats use slaves and immigrants

The real tragedy of Michael Brown

Carson says White liberals most racist

Blacks not protesting black on black crime

CS Lewis on body and soul

Congress should focus on jobs for veterans not illegals

Margaret Thatcher on what socialists mean when they cry power to people

Ferguson community holds a gun to its head

Political correctness is tyranny with a happy face

Whites didn't riot after OJ's acquittal

Gun control merely means giving the government sole control over guns

Twilight zone better to be unemployed and illegal than employed and legal

Countries that prospered inviting in and giving welfare to unemployable immigrnats

Obama dangerous

When Americans exterminated evil rather than tolerating it

Obama didn't inherit a mess he made one

Government is too powerful

America produces more crude oil than many other countries

Poor people voting Democrat for 50 years and still poor

Democrats more concerned about football team name than imprisoned Marine