Random stuff including Jews, the American Media, Obama, and Israel

Chicken without a headCrazy busy day today. I finished an article that will, I hope, be published in tomorrow’s American Thinker, did tons of homemaker stuff for the family, and worked on legal issues for my clients. I would have liked to blog, but that wasn’t going to happen, even with the best will in the world. I do, however, have a few quick, random things I want to send your way.

Best statement I’ve seen about the media and Islam

A friend of mine — Catholic, conservative, and wonderful — has been following events at home and in the Middle East very closely. He put up a Facebook post about the Synagogue shooting in Denmark, and one of his well-meaning (foolish, but not ideologically driven) friends tried to make that story fit in the same box as those three poor Muslims whom a militant atheist shot in North Carolina following a long-running fight over a parking space. My friend’s response is superb (emphasis mine):

In an astonishing continuum of denial, there are some who foolishly leave the “Islam” out of the “Islamic Terror” equation, while at light-speed they strain to find Islamic victimization. Oddly, the further story behind the NC murders was that the alleged perp was a militant atheist who equally hated all religions, yet that fascinating detail was also omitted from the headline, where, I submit, it definitely has a place. “Militant atheist shoots three Muslims over parking space” is a far truer headline than the deliberately obtuse “Three Muslims shot.”

Being a Jew in France

Zola once wrote “J’Accuse.” There are no Zolas anymore:

At least there’s Israel

It’s a little piece of puffery, but I still found delightful this post about things unique to modern Israel.  Let’s hope the Israelis make the right choice in the upcoming election.


If I didn’t have Caped Crusader in my life, this small, random handful of posters would be all that you’d ever get to see from me:

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