The Bookworm Beat 3-14-15 — The “Pi Day” illustrated edition (that makes no reference to Pi)

What better thing to do with a window of time than to post an illustrated edition.  Yay (and thanks to Caped Crusader, of course)!

Hollywood Academy Awards after 50 years of liberalism

Things ruined by government intervention

Hillary Can't handle two email accounts presidential material

Selma changed in 50 years -- no American flags

How holy Jerusalem is to Muslims

Hillary did not have textual relations with that server

Progressives recycle failed ideas

Obama It's about religion

All the Islamist factions are Islam

Muslim kids blog up so fast

Multimillionaire Michael Moore condemns capitalism

Hillary and Brian Williams

If you don't want to separate families, deport all of them

Stupid people voted for Obama

Obama doesn't negotiate with terrorists he gives in

Marie Harf on Muslims and jobs

ISIS job fair

Hope your life doesn't depend on Obama or Hillary

Country made by real men

Muslims hide Islam's problems

Free people only make the disarming mistake once no going back

Thomas Paine on Patriots and government

Women's rights in the Middle East Israel

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