[VIDEO] Milton Friedman on laws creating criminals and corruption

Milton Friedman on equality and freedomMilton Friedman was a genius. There is no other way to describe him.

Far too late in life, I’m finally reading Free to Choose: A Personal Statement, a book that is timeless. The Soviet Union, which is one of the main economic foils he discusses in his book, may be gone but socialism and its discontents are more prevalent than ever. I highly recommend this brilliant, accessible read.

Whether you read the book (or have read the book) or not, you might want to spend a few minutes watching this video, in which Friedman explains in simple terms how laws make criminals. Friedman’s point in this video isn’t that we should do away with law entirely. It is, instead, that the only laws that people will follow are those that intuitively make sense in a civilized society. All other laws simply foment scofflaws and corruption.