[VIDEO] Captain Clay Higgins’ inspirational homage to the greatness of America and her people

Captain Clayton HigginsThis fascinating video is not for any candidate or any party.  It is a pure and perfect homage to the American dream and the American people.

Captain Clay Higgins reminds us that we are and always have been a people “driven by imperfect men with perfect intent.”  We’ve fought wars for freedom the world over, fed the hungry, and raised people out of poverty.

The Washington establishment, however, has driven us so deep into debt that it will take generations to put the nation on a sound financial footing, something that weakens us in every regard.  Fear not, though.  America is more than her politicians and her debt; she is her people.

Clearly, this is an inspiring video and one worth watching as we head into the most bizarre political season ever.  On the Democrat side, we see an incompetent, corrupt and self-serving career Leftist battling it out with an old dangerously naive (or truly) evil career communist.  And on the Republican side, as of yesterday evening, a brilliant constitutionalist was forced aside by a man who is, like Alice’s Red Queen, the personification of rage.

The more I think about it, the less surprised I am that Trump triumphed.  He is the living embodiment of a people frustrated beyond bearing by

  • A stifling political correctness that turns everyone who’s not a Progressive into an evil person and insists that we believe in political lies rather than natural truths;
  • A tyrannical administrative law that sees us — a nation that started a revolution against taxation without representation — increasingly governed in every aspect of our lives by unelected bureaucrats;
  • An overwhelming, seemingly intractable and ever-growing level of government debt;
  • A dangerous retreat on national security in the face of existential threats;
  • A plan to emasculate our military by turning into a social justice experiment without regard to preserving the troops’ lives or our country’s safety;
  • A societal worldview that divides the world by skin color and then encourages race wars;
  • A government that encourages immigrants, not Americans, to make decisions about who comes here (for better or worse), and then rewards those who come here illegally with everything from food stamps, to free education, to free healthcare;
  • An administration that is working overtime to fill our country with people whose religion advocates a worldview opposed to individual liberty; and
  • A foreign policy that rejects and endangers our friends around the world while embracing our enemies.

Trump speaks out against all of that, so people readily forgive him his gross excrescences — his casual misogyny, his cruel mockery of the handicapped, his vulgarisms, and his lies.  He may not make us great again, but he will make us not this, with “this” being everything that the Washington establishment, both Democrat and Republican has reduced us too.  For these reasons, his supporters hope that his demonic energy, his rambunctious spirit, and his unfiltered speech will see him steamroll over that corrupt, incompetent political hack or that old communist.

And if Trump doesn’t actually make America great again, maybe, just maybe, he can make it less demoralized, less broken, and less broke.  If it won’t ever again be a shining city upon a hill, maybe it can be a comfortable little town upon a small rise — anything but this existential slum in a dank, dark valley.

And with that introduction, ladies and gentlemen, I present Captain Clay Higgins, telling us who we were, who we are, and what we still can be: