[VIDEO] Is Hillary mentally ill?

Bizarre HillaryDonald Trump is a successful businessman and a teetotaler who is undoubtedly bombastic and vulgar. None of those are traits of mental illness, either ideopathic or because of an injury, or of addiction.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has been showing genuinely strange behaviors on the campaign trail — weird, extreme head and eye movements; uncontrolled laughter; uncontrolled coughing; a bizarrely long break during a debate; barking like a dog; and, of course, throughout her career, a continued lack of ordinary, human empathy. (And of course there’s the fact that she’s never accomplished anything concrete other than self-promotion, destroying a fairly stable ally in Qaddafi, and heartlessly presiding over and lying about the deaths of four Americans — but never mind, this post is about mental illness or brain damage/disease.)

The always-interesting Paul Joseph Watson spoke to several medical professionals and reported back some of their possible diagnoses for her strange behavior. Even if you don’t believe any of the diagnoses, it’s an interesting video and it leaves the distinct impression that something is wrong with Hillary and that those closest to her are working with the media to hide that problem from the American people: