From the college course catalog. . . .

Macalester2Today’s offering from the History or English departments of a modern American college comes from Macalester, one of those pricey, private liberal arts colleges dotting the Midwest. As is true for all these schools, it’s jettisoned American History in favor of “American Studies.”

This new focus means that the college does not offer any traditional survey history classes that teach important in American History or that help students understand America’s founding principles. Instead, the classes have as their goal celebrating PC victim groups and trashing America.

Macalester gets special kudos for the following American Studies offering because of the execrable English — which one would expect to find in the Women’s Studies or Gender Studies departments, but that (shamefully) has infected every part of American higher education (emphasis mine):

This course will interrogate the way scholars study large-scale violence in its many forms between human communities. Throughout class discussions we will consider the ways in which warfare has been recorded and analyzed in early America. While warfare and major political conflicts will be discussed, the class will also engage the meanings of violence by investigating intra- and inter- cultural violence within and between colonial America’s many ethnic, political, and religious groups. The chronological focus of the course, circ. 1500-1800, also permits our examination of the idea of American exceptionalism. Is there a specific form or pattern of violence or warfare that can be called “American?” If so, does this type of violence remain present in our contemporary society? Offered occasionally. (4 Credits)

Four credits. Hmmm. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for this one. Macalester’s annual tuition is $48,887.