Progressives foolishly promote Richard Spencer in an effort to destroy Trump

During the primaries, Progressives pushed Donald Trump’s candidacy with a vengeance, convinced that he was the one candidate Hillary could surely beat. Moreover, if Trump did win the Republican primary, these same Progressives had a plan — which they carried out enthusiastically — to destroy Trump utterly through every Progressive outlet available, from the news media, to social media, to useful idiots in Hollywood, to the equally useful idiots not in Hollywood. As it happened, the Progressives were correct about their ability to raise Trump up and wrong about their ability to control and destroy him once he’d served their goals.

I for one, am extremely grateful that the Left succeeded in the first phase of their plan to pervert the election process. While Trump was never my first choice for President, Hillary was always my last choice, and I’m not sure any candidate other than Trump could have beaten Hillary’s Democrat machinery. She was ready for a conventional campaign, not an unconventional one. Schadenfreude can be an awfully great feeling when a rabid partisan media and a dangerously corrupt candidate are so arrogant they cannot imagine defeat (although they’ll cheat to ensure victory) and then fail spectacularly.

That I’m pleased with how the Progressive scheme backfired with Trump, given that it benefited me, I’m very worried that the Progressive decision to repeat the same pattern with neo-Nazi Richard Spencer that it used with Trump, may follow the same pattern as the anti-Trump scheme, to both America’s and the world’s detriment. You’d think that the Progressives would have figured out that it’s a huge gamble to build up someone they find objectionable for a short-term benefit and assume that, once that benefit is achieved, they can destroy what they created. And yet . . . the Progressives never learn.

What’s that definition of insanity? Ah, I remember: Doing the same thing over and over, but always expecting a different result. That pretty much defines the Progressive party and everything it does, but with special emphasis today on the dangerous “Richard Spencer game” that the Progressives are playing.