The Bookworm Beat 12/9/14 — Just a few quick links, and open thread

Another day, another trip to the doctor for my mother and, by extension, for me.  Here are just a few quick links before I go:

Cop cams are great if you don’t value your own privacy

The Brimfield Police Chief is at it again, dispensing common sense. This time, he’s talking about police cams, which he freely acknowledges would be a great thing for his department. With those cameras in place, many fallacious complaints would just vanish. He warns, though, that there’s a downside:

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The Bookworm Beat 12/8/14 — Monday evening wrap-up and open thread

Woman writingNo time for an intro. I’ll just head straight for snark and links:
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The Bookworm Beat 12/8/14 — the mother of all illustrated editions (and Open Thread)

Even though I’ve been away from the computer a bit in the last few days, my wonderful friends Caped Crusader and Sadie have continued to be zealous about finding the best posters from all over the blogosphere.  I’m playing catch-up today, so I’m going to jumble all 35 of them in a single post.  I’ll also do something I rarely do, which is to offer my comments about a couple of them which I think need explanation (or at least I need to explain why I’ve chosen to publish them).  Here goes:

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The Bookworm Beat 12/6/14 — Saturday sweep-up edition, and Open Thread

Woman writingA cold has been making the rounds in my neighborhood and it finally caught up with me. I don’t feel particularly ill, but I feel congested and quite desperately sleepy. I had a great deal to do today, and mostly managed to re-read Agatha Christie’s Mrs. McGinty’s Dead, which wasn’t too taxing (and, thankfully, I’d forgotten whodunnit). I’ve now roused myself enough to clean the kitchen, do the laundry, and share with you a few browser tabs I still have open from yesterday:

The all-around best post about the Rolling Stone’s journalistic malpractice

I’ve shouted my opinion about Rolling Stone’s UVA rape story from the treetops (“It didn’t happen that way!”), and I’ve linked to several posts that agreed with me, only they did so more thoroughly, more elegantly and, most importantly, from more prominent platforms than mine.  These combined voices forced Rolling Stone to admit to gross journalistic malpractice.

Of all these bully-pulpit loud voices on the subject, my favorite is Jonah Goldberg. Writing before Rolling Stone walked back its story, Jonah Goldberg had this to say:

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The Bookworm Beat 12/5/14 — “Now It All Makes Sense” edition, and Open Thread

Woman writingA fellow conservative and I spoke last night about the primary emotion driving limousine liberals’ politics: Their politics announce to the world that each is “a good person.” It’s an extension of that saying that “conservatives view liberals as misguided; liberals view conservatives as evil.” The unspoken corollary to that last thought is that liberals are therefore good.

Which leads one to a question: Why do liberals need to use their political identity to define themselves as good (as opposed to being evil)? My best guess? God.

People who are traditionally religious keep their politics in harmony with their religious beliefs, but it’s their relationship to God that matters when it comes to determining in their own minds whether they are good or evil. As long as they are consistent with God’s mandates, they really don’t care about Mrs.-Smith-up-the-hill’s opinion or about Joe-the-teacher’s opinion.

Liberals, however, tend to be less God-oriented. Even when they profess faith and a belief in God, they work to conform God’s word to the Democrat party platform, not vice versa. For liberals, the marker of innate goodness isn’t fealty to God, it’s fealty to the political party that is the “not evil” party. To them, it’s spiritually important to be in harmony with Nancy Pelosi and Edward Kennedy (PBUH).

And now back to our regularly scheduled round-up:

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The Bookworm Beat 12/4/14 — Plumber days and party nights edition (and Open Thread)

Woman writingI spent a large part of my day hanging around waiting for the plumber to come and, once he came, hanging around while he did his thing. Surprisingly (for me, at least), this is not a complaint. I’m fortunate enough to have found a wonderful plumber (Marin residents can email me separately for referral info), and I’m just so happy to have my pipes in trustworthy hands.

How trustworthy? This is the plumber who, even though in a position to get an $11,000 job re-piping the main sewer line, said “Don’t be ridiculous. All you need to do is preventive rootering once a year plus RootX once a year. Problem solved.” I love this man and his team.

As for the party night . . . one of my soccer dad friends, going way back to when my kids were small, turns out to be a conservative. Not only that, he’s just a totally great guy — intelligent, kind, thoughtful, and the whole megillah of other positive adjectives. He’s hosting a little get-together tonight for a few of Marin’s hidden conservatives. I’m so looking forward to being in a room in which I can debate issues, rather than being baited about issues.

But before I go, I’m trying to jam out a few links I think you’ll enjoy. Forgive typos, ’cause I’m really rushing this one:

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The Bookworm Beat 12/3/14 — “Is it really only Tuesday?” edition, and Open Thread

Woman writingIt’s been a long week and it’s only Tuesday. I had originally written a four paragraph screed complaining about my week so far and then had a sudden attack of sanity and deleted it. Yay for me and lucky for you!

Here’s the good news: Massive amounts of rain. Yes, it’s inconvenient. Yes, it’s causing floods and mudslides in Southern California (where it never rains but it pours, man it pours). But I’ll take rain over drought any time. Rain is problematic, but drought is death.

And that mixed note of good cheer and horror, here are a few things that might interest you:

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The Bookworm Beat 12/2/14 — Monday afternoon wrap-up (and Open Thread)

Woman writingEvery homeowner knows the feeling: all systems in the house break down simultaneously. This makes sense, of course, because most systems are installed simultaneously, either during a build or a remodel. At our house, the problems are going from top (defective roofing shingles) to bottom (worn-out sewer), with all manner of interesting things in between (leaking shower doors, broken closet doors, etc.).

I’ve spent a good part of the last two days on the phone trying to address all these things. When I’m not doing that, I’m trying to get my mother in to see the pain specialist before yet another month has gone by. My day gets frittered away in frustrating phone calls. Aaargh!

And then, for another “Aargh” factor, there’s the everyday news in Obama’s America. While I can’t share my home defects and phone calls with you, I can share these news stories:

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The Bookworm Beat 12/2/14 — Backlog edition (and Open Thread)

Woman writingIt’s been raining steadily and heavily for hours, which is such a wonderful thing. Equally wonderful is the fact that (knock on wood) nothing has leaked, flooded, or backed-up on our property since this rainfall began. I’m still mired in backlog from spending the last few days putting out family-related fires (none serious; all time-consuming), so this post represents an effort to clear up some of the things I’ve been saving for a quiet moment.
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The Bookworm Beat (12/1/14) — The worm is turning edition (and Open Thread)

Woman writingI was originally going to title this post the “deja vu” edition, because Saturday was a repeat of Thursday: I had to rush off to my Mom to help her with some crisis and, when I returned home, I discovered that our sewage line had backed up. If my days are going to repeat on me, I’d prefer that days involving parties and ice cream repeat, not crises and sewage. Mom’s crises will continue, but I think we can turn off the sewer problems by spending around $11,000 to have our main line replaced. The sad fact is that it’s simply disintegrating and we either replace it or deal with regular back-ups (usually on weekends and holidays), and piddle away our money in overtime increments.

But I didn’t call this the “deja vu” edition (a title I would have tied in to news stories that read the same day after day). Instead, I called it the “worm is turning” edition because I noticed something fascinating on my real-me Facebook page: With the exception of the handful of hard, hard, Daily Kos Leftists I have as friends, the rest of my non-conservative friends are pretty much knee-jerk Progressives, who will always tote the Planned Parenthood load and who are enthusiastic Hillary supporters — and these Progressives seem to be getting fed-up.

Today, three of those friends posted Facebook stories criticizing Michael Brown and the rioters, and supporting the notion that only a suicidal person or a moron would ignore a cop’s instructions and go for his guns. Another friend, who lives in the wealthy hills of Oakland and is a completely reliable Republican attacker and Obama supporter, went ballistic about the Ferguson protests in his City. And lastly, someone who skates on the thin line between Rolling Stone leftism and complete insanity put up a furious post excoriating Hillary’s $300,000 UCLA speaking fee — to applause from his reliably leftist friends.

Maybe I’m just hoping for an early Christmas present, but these flashes of common sense from people who have anesthetized themselves for more than a decade are heartening. It seems to be that slowly, and without even being aware of what’s happening, they’re clawing their way out of the intellectual abyss in which they’ve fallen. I know the majority will fall right back into the rabbit hole but some of them might just find their way out onto stable, open ground.

And now, a few (very) links before I take my mom to her next doctor’s appointment (two this week and counting):

Re Ferguson

Even the AP couldn’t help but notice that the Ferguson protesters don’t have truth on their side.

Most of my Left friends liked the viral post by the New Orleans Saints’ Benjamin Watson, a moral black man trying to get a handle on the Ferguson picture. Only the hard Left complained that he Watson saw faith as an answer to the myriad societal problems revealed in Ferguson.

Take heart. Things aren’t all bad.

A friend of mine, a very smart conservative lawyer, writes at To Put It Bluntly. He’s gotten tired of all the depressing news, so he thought he’d kick off the holiday season by pointing out that all is not lost.

A tale of two dance

In Israel, a truly liberal, pluralist, open democratic society, two young soldiers break out amazing dance moves because they can. Meanwhile, in Iran, a totalitarian, theocracy that violently represses women, a young woman commits the ultimate act of bravery by sneaking in a wild dance on the subway . . . because, by law, she can’t.

A few pictures

I’ve got to run. (Aaargh.) Just a few pictures before I go:

Arabs would rather live in Israel

Different tweets from CNN and Fox re Ferguson

Burqa clad women at ocean oppressed by religious ideology

Woman and child in burqa with two garbage bags

Jewish expulsion from Arab lands

Running away adult

Don't put lights on a palm tree

Slowly digging myself it of the hole

OverwhelmedEven by my family’s standards, the past few days have been more than usually demanding. This evening marks the first time in two days that I’ve even looked at my email. I haven’t read news, I haven’t thought of anything other than dealing with family dynamics, and I certainly haven’t read anything. Holidays can be like that.

Tomorrow is still part of the holiday weekend, but I have a suspicion it’s going to be a more peaceful day. With luck, I’ll clear out my inbox and have something to say. Until then, feel free to chime in here with anything that interests you.