Friday morning Open Thread

It’s 12:30 a.m. on a Friday morning, and I’ve just finished a hellaciously busy 17 hour long Thursday (spilling over into Friday), which came on the heels of a just plain hellacious Wednesday.  I have to go into the client’s office very early tomorrow morning, but after that I think I’ll have a little respite and be able to blog.  I certainly have a long list of saved articles that I want to share with you.

I hope you all don’t mind manning the fort with this open thread in my absence.  To sweeten the pot, here are a few cartoons I’ve been gathering over the past few days.  (I’ll save the really good ones, from Caped Crusader and a few other helpful friends, for a dedicated illustrated edition.)

Soft cat

Waltzing joke

Highway to Hell

Bacon poem

Engineering flow chart


The Bookworm Beat 6-1-15 — the “rainy day water conservation” edition and open thread

Woman-writing-300x265Thanks to an emergency order from Gov. Jerry Brown, today marks the beginning of water rationing across California — and that includes my own Marin County. The bill is a triumph of big government as far as I’m concerned because, here in Marin county, we have more than enough water. We will have to kill our gardens, bathe in puddles, wear less clean clothes, eat off of environmentally wasteful paper plates, and risk fines if we use too much water, despite having more than enough water. (And ye, I did exaggerate a little about the paper plates and dirty clothes, but everything else is true.) Nature is clearly aware of this irony, since she arranged for us to wake up to a soaking wet morning, courtesy of a heavy drizzle that’s been going on for hours.

This morning will be a quick round-up, because I have to take my Mom to another doctor’s appointment. (Next week I take her to three more, so this is a good week.) I’ll post a bigger, better round-up this afternoon:

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