I always miss out on boycotts ’cause I never buy from the stupid companies to begin with

Since I passed the age of 10, and my infatuation with big eyed children and other cutsie things waned, I don’t believe I’ve ever bought a Hallmark card.  Note my use of the word “cutsie.”  I like cute things (witness my endless infatuation with my dog), but cutsie = cute + shlock.  That’s Hallmark.

Apparently, though, Hallmark seems dissatisfied with its friendly, Midwestern Mom image, so it’s added barbed, liberal political satire to its roster:

Hallmark, the greeting-card company that lays claim to making “the world a more caring place,” is under fire for producing a graduation card emblazoned with an image of Barack Obama that warns graduates to stay away from the tea party.


The card in question says on the front, “You graduated! Time to go to a lot of parties!”

And on the inside, “But avoid those tea parties if you can. Trust me.”

I’d love to turn my nose up and say “I’ll never buy Hallmark again,” except that, as I said, I don’t buy Hallmark now.  If you’re tempted to buy Hallmark, though, because there is a Hallmark card that somehow managed to be charming and/or clever, you might want to refrain.  Corporations can do what they please when it comes to putting something on the market, but consumers can also do what they please when it comes to refusing to buy a corporation’s products.

Hat tip:  Gateway Pundit