Just a nice story about a kid and his gun

Marin County raised a sharpshooter.  Honest.  A young man who was raised in bluer than blue (and richer than rich) Kentfield discovered his grandfather’s Lee-Enfield WWII rifle in the family’s wine cellar and knew that he’d met his destiny:

Growing up in Kentfield, James Macmillan failed to take to any of the gentlemanly pursuits presented by his father, Hugh. Fencing, sailing, fly fishing all came and went.

What captured James Macmillan was the Lee-Enfield locked in the wine cellar.

Once he saw that World War II rifle, Macmillan wouldn’t let up until he was old enough for the range. Finally, at age 12, he lifted that heavy wooden stock, bolted a round into the chamber and fired. The recoil nearly knocked him over, and by the time he got home, his shoulder was black and blue.

He had his hobby, and eight years later, Macmillan is the Collegiate Service Rifle Champion, as decreed by the National Rifle Association at a national tournament last summer. The Lee-Enfield has been exchanged for a modern AR-15, and at ranges from 200 to 600 yards, standing, sitting and prone, Macmillan is more accurate than any shooter in any college in the country.

But nobody knows this at his college, Cuesta in San Luis Obispo County, just as nobody at Redwood High School in Larkspur knew he was a sharpshooter until his picture appeared in the yearbook under the “random sports” category.

“I don’t publicize it a lot,” he says. “People say, ‘Are you a sniper in the military?’ and I say, ‘No. It’s just for fun.’ ”

For six years, Macmillan has been the only Marin County member of the California Grizzlies Junior Rifle Team, based in Sonora (Tuolumne County).

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I wonder if young Macmillan knows that President Obama and Sen. DiFi are gunning for his gun.