Stereotypes, the “N” word, and our decadent popular culture

It’s a long post title, but actually quite a short post.  What I really have is a matched set.

First, an image that’s been circulating on the liberal side of facebook:

For those of you who aren’t too conversant with popular culture, the one on the left is Snoop Doggy Dogg, who has avoided arrest, while the one on the right is Martha Stewart who was, I think, unfairly convicted on a very technical financial technicality.

Stewart has dedicated her life, obsessively so, to bringing beauty into people’s homes. She believes that every aspect of home-making can be made meaningful. She has a charming screen presence and, apparently, an . . . um . . . assertive off-screen presence. People resented Stewart’s success, especially because they felt that someone who was a harsh-task master and arrogant should be brought down a peg. Me, personally? I think she has uplifted American culture.

Snoop? He’s a gangsta and proud of it. Indeed, he’s one of the original gangsta rappers. He may have avoided the law, but everybody but gang members, wannabe white boys, and record executives, knows that Snoop is a profoundly damaging influence on American culture. Considering the lives he’s probably destroyed, jail is too good for him.

Don’t believe me? Check out Zombie’s latest (serious content warning) which takes a look at what our children are listening to and seeing, courtesy of Snoop and the gang(stas).