A youthful indiscretion?

By now you’ve all read that Levi Johnston is backing off from the slanders he stated about the Palin family and, to give him credit, he’s doing so public.  What intrigued me was the fact that he attributed his lies to “youthful indiscretion.”  Aside from the fact that he told those lies less than two years ago, and that he is, in my eyes, still quite youthful, I found it a peculiar excuse.

To me, a youth indiscretion is something thoughtless, something you do because you just don’t think clearly through to the consequences:  foolish sex (and he certainly did commit that indiscretion); foolish drinking; cow tipping; etc.  I don’t see deliberately and methodically slandering your child’s grandparents as a “youthful indiscretion.”  That’s fullblown malice, irrespective of ones youth.

What do you think?