Another shovel ready job . . . isn’t shovel ready

Back in June, I wrote a post about a notice I received from the town in which our high school is located.  It warned that we could expect major traffic jams because a federally funded project had to be done during peak commute season in order to protect a little bird.  My post focused on the inconveniences of environmentalism (although it’s certainly nice for everyone to twist themselves into knots to protect an innocent, hapless and helpless bird).

What I didn’t touch upon in my earlier post was my suspicion (and it’s still only a suspicion) that the federal funds were part of the stimulus.  If those funds are indeed part of the stimulus (and, as I said, I’m only guessing), I have to report that another shovel ready job . . . isn’t shovel ready.  I just got another notice today, which I publish here in its entirety (click on thumbnail for full size document):

City of Larkspur notice about Doherty Drive Project