Mark Steyn is on fire

Just as Jonah Goldberg was inspired by Obamacare, so too is Mark Steyn.  Obamacare may be the greatest political disaster since . . . well, since ever,* but its virtue is that it provides free-range for real talent.  I was trying to find a paragraph from the Steyn column to quote, but realized that I was choosing all of them, since each is a gem.  It seems to me, therefore, that the best thing for you to do is to read the whole thing yourself.


*I am so digging these Obama asterisks, except with mine, unlike his, I actually tell you what’s behind the asterisk.  When I say “ever,” I really mean it.  Other presidents have embraced policies that looked reasonable in the beginning but that, because of decisions made along the way, proved to be political liabilities (i.e., Vietnam or the Iraq War).  Then there have been circumstances beyond a president’s control, such as Hurricane Katrina, which a hostile and deceitful media spun into an instant liability.  But I do not believe that there has ever before been such a disastrous piece of uni-partisan (mono-partisan?) legislation that so many people accurately predicted would fail and that exploded so spectacularly.  Moreover, from that initial explosion, it’s gone and gotten even worse.  It’s like a 9.5 earthquake with even greater aftershocks.

Here’s a visual metaphor, complete with the beginning, where everything seems to be going so well, but was built upon “well-meaning” deceit:

Am I delighting in this spectacle?  You betcha.  As I’ve said, I’m worried about the economy, and desperately sorry for people who have consistently opposed Obamacare yet are now caught in its toils.  Nevertheless, to see the deceitful, arrogant Obama, Dems, and media crawling around in the mud gives me intense, unholy, almost indecent pleasure.  My only hope now is that the Republicans don’t dig out their usual playbook and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Then of course, it will be my turn to weep.