[VIDEO] Stupid, racist whites versus entirely competent black people

white-woman-and-slave-confederacyThere are no people more committed to black inferiority than racist whites who flatter themselves that they’re loving Progressives who are taking care of blacks. I figured out this white racism problem after the Rodney King riots, when the media tried to push the “rapture” defense for Damian Williams, one of the people caught on camera beating the bejesus out of Reginald Denny — that is, that Williams, animal-like, was so caught up in the rapture of the moment that he was unable to control himself. I thought then, and continue to think now, that this was racism of the type that would appeal to every two-bit white supremacist.

My feeling about blacks — indeed, about all other races — has always been that the only primary difference between them and me is skin color. Everything else falls into either the ordinary bell curve of intelligence and competence or under the umbrella of learned behavior, whether it’s learned through community culture or through government incentives and disincentives. Leftists, though, are pretty sure that blacks are congenitally dumb and must be perpetually protected from their own mental handicaps.

I’ve never seen this type of condescending, racist, attitude from the Left more clearly demonstrated than in this short Ami Horowitz video about voter ID laws:

Having watched the video, please tell me that these delicately-expressed  21st century Leftist white attitudes (which are widely held among Leftists as a justification for prohibiting voter ID requirements) are substantively different from the nakedly racist attitudes slave holders expressed in the antebellum South:

Had whites not enslaved them, affirmed Professor Joseph Jones (Rev. Charles Colcock Jones’s second son), “the African” would have “remained in the deepest degradation of ignorance, vice, and superstition.” Too stupid, primitive, and childish to care for themselves, Charles’s wife, Mary Jones, reminded herself, they were “incapable of self-government.”

Levine, Bruce, The Fall of the House of Dixie: The Civil War and the Social Revolution That Transformed the South, Kindle Locations 463-466.

Although separated by 150 or so years, Democrats still sound the same: Condescendingly racist and certain that blacks can survive only when the right type of whites control them.