Bookworm Beat 11/7/16 — the “la, la, la, I’m not listening” edition and open thread *UPDATED*

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Honestly, I can’t handle the stress as we go into the last twenty-four hours of this election cycle. For the first time in . . . well, ever, I’m deliberately ignoring the news. I haven’t opened a single blog today, and I’m ignoring Facebook too. BUT, when my friends send me good stuff, that I have to share with you. So, this is going to be the only thing I post today, and I’m just going to update it continuously to add new good stuff.

The pitfalls of dating Lefties. The only thing that’s not believable about this video is that the gal is so clean and pretty looking. Lefty gals just aren’t as well-put-together as women on the Right. Otherwise, it’s all good — but beware, it’s NSFW because it has some strong language:

That Lefty ought to have been dating someone like this. . . . William & Mary College was the second college chartered in the American colonies, all the way back in 1693. It is a beautiful campus with an illustrious history. Some of its more famous graduates are Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and John Tyler, as well as an endless list of people who, for three centuries, have served in government. It has some shame, too, given that Jon Stewart attended William & Mary. I wonder what all those graduates, including even Jon Stewart, would think of this event announcement, which I’m printing here in its entirety:

Feel the Thunder of Our Choices: A Call for Male-Identified Individuals to Respect Bodily Integrity

Monday, November 7th 2016
7pm – 8:15pm
Wren Chapel
Williamsburg, VA 23185

As an extension of the National Red Flag Campaign, male-identified members of the William & Mary community are invited to this brave space for a crucial and intersectional conversation about respecting bodily integrity and ending gender-based violence.

Full Description

We know survivors; we also know that some of us are survivors.

We know perpetrators; we also know that male-identified persons are more likely to disrespect the bodily integrity of all sexes and genders in ways that are as unethical as they are criminal.

We know that we are better than this, and deep down inside we know that the solution to end those acts of violence lies not in teaching one sex or gender to defend itself from all the others, but rather in creating a culture where rapists cease raping and potential rapists never start.

If we weren’t aware of that fact, the time has come to make ourselves aware.

The time is now.

If you identify yourself as a male within the William & Mary community, please join us for this important dialogue and its charge to act with beauty and courage.

Let us assume our blame; let us grow in a common hope; and let us help each other build our capacity to choose wisely, so that this world becomes a happier, healthier, safer space for all its inhabitants.

About our facilitator, Eric Garrison, MAEd ’94, MSc (London), DLSHTM, CSC, ACS:
Garrison currently serves as one of our Assistant Directors of Health Promotion and the Chair of the Virginia Campus Task Force. An international consultant and speaker in clinical and forensic sexology (“Our highest praises,” Oxford University), a best selling author, our first instructor of Masculinity Studies here at the College, and a former sexuality counselor with the Masters & Johnson Institute, Garrison will channel his inner Paolo Freire to guide us from a place of awareness to one of action.

I’m no fan of rape, and think it’s quite a good idea to tell men (and people who identify as men?) that it’s morally and criminally wrong to rape or otherwise sexually assault women. I find, however, that I cannot in good conscience support something that turns men (and people who identify as men) into lunatic pantywaists. And yes, “pantywaist” is an old and manifestly un-PC term of opprobrium for men lacking the obvious manly virtues, but I find it fits here.

Can’t anyone figure out a smart way to fight zombies?  The problem with being a specialist in your field is that it’s very frustrating to watch other people mess things up. Fortunately, when Marine Michael Burke watches the surviving humans in The Walking Dead do incredibly stupid things with security decisions and weapons, he can console himself with the fact that it’s not real, and that he’s not responsible for leading any of those dummies into battle or relying upon them for his own safety.

It’s just too easy to game Lefties.  As someone who loves McDonald’s chicken tenders and french fries, I really appreciated this video.  The only thing I would have been a little bit worried about was stumbling across some student deathly allergic to preservatives or something. Otherwise, though, a good point, well made.

Some posters, which I’ll also augment during the day:




Regarding the following poster, I’m aware that Huma isn’t from Iran; I assume that the poster is talking about the unnerving fact that both Obama and Hillary have as their closest advisers women with strong and deep ties to hostile regimes:





























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