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[VIDEO] In pop culture, there’s a thin, sometimes invisible, line between romantic seduction and rape [NSFW]

Back in 2013, when Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines was all the rage, I made the argument that it wasn’t so much rapey, as it was the sleazy descendant of old-fashioned “seduction” songs. And it’s very sleazy song indeed. Thicke keeps saying “you know you want it,” which is the classic

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Just Because Music : Joan Crawford singing “Gotta A Feelin’ For You” in 1929

Watching this, it’s fascinating to remember that, thanks to such movies as Our Dancing Daughters, which had come out one year earlier, many believed Joan Crawford to personify the modern Flapper. It took some years before Crawford transformed herself into the powerful, almost iconic, line of female characters that shaped

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