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West Virginia v. EPA Part III: Roberts Puts A Band-Aid On The Regulatory State

The decision in West Virginia v. EPA, which saw the five more-or-less originalist judges on the Supreme Court (Justices Thomas, Alito, Bryant, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch) join Chief Justice Roberts to uphold the extra-constitutional administrative state, is gut-wrenching.  It will not even be a speed bump on the unconstitutional march of

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Constitution Administrative State

Is The Administrative State On Borrowed Time?

Is the Supreme Court about to curtail the administrative state (and perhaps circumscribe judicial activism) by holding that Art. 1, Sec. 1 of the Constitution actually means what it says? For the past near century — since FDR’s infamous court packing scheme — the administrative state (or bureaucratic state, call

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CIA part of Fourth Branch

Bookworm Beat 2/20/17 — fighting the self-annointed fourth branch of government

The new phrase is “fourth branch of government,” referring to the Progressive bureaucracy fighting exile. It’s time to fight back. The administrative state is not the fourth branch of government. When I said “interesting times,” I meant it. We all knew that our government had gotten too big and we voted for

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