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The Bookworm Beat (10/3/14) — End of the week roundup and Open Thread

Ebola in America is a failure of Big Government Yesterday I pointed out that, in all times and all places, protecting a population from epidemic disease is one of government’s core functions. (It’s irrelevant that these efforts often failed; government was still expected to make them.) Obama is failing that

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Oil boom!

I met a semi-retired petroleum engineer in Alberta that was working on the Canadian tar sands development. I asked him what he had heard regarding the size of the Bakken oil field. He indicated that, pessimistically, it contained 1x the reserves of Saudi Arabia, while the optimistic projection was 3x the Saudi oil reserves.

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Environmentalism is for the birds

As Kate over at smalldeadanimals likes to say, now is the time when we juxtapose: First, a video (you need to watch this to the very end, but *** Caution***graphic imagery may be disturbing to some): [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofoxM-tqPew&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] (h/t smalldeadanimals.com) Then, compare this to the self-serving bloviations of a hard-Left legislator

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