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Practical suggestions for bypassing the media and getting the conservative message out

My forte is spotting problems, not finding solutions.  Thankfully, when I put out a call for suggestions, many of you responded.  This post sets out practical list ways to get conservative messaging past the media gatekeepers that so effectively insulted Romney, praised Obama, and squelched or promoted news stories depending

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Madison Rising walks into the lion’s den and emerges triumphant

I’ve blogged here before about Madison Rising, an almost-heavy metal rock group that several vets formed.  Despite its hard guitar licks, pulsing beat, and gravel voiced singing, the band’s orientation is definitely conservative.  It’s songs are pro-military, pro-American, pro-capitalism and anti-OWS.  It’s not necessarily my kind of music (I’m a

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A video that I think you’ll enjoy

It’s a great video if it satisfies you at a visual, auditory and intellectual level.  Madison Rising has achieved that with “Honk If Want Peace,” a song that vividly illustrates the vast disconnect between Leftist “peace” activists and their violent, destructive, nihilistic activities: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW-x2YMVJCc[/youtube] The lyrics are clear (which I

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