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A few days ago, I posted about the Presbyterian Church USA — or, rather, I linked to an American Thinker article that highlighted major doctrinal changes in the Church that have crossed the line from rather silly anti-Israel posturing into old-fashioned anti-Semitism. That post sparked a lot of comments, and one very interesting email from someone who is actually a member of the PC-USA. My correspondent gave me permission to publish his email:

While the article in the American Thinker on the PCUSA is, on its face, correct, it doesn’t begin to cover the problems we (yes, I am a member) are currently having in the church. A quick summation would be that at the presbytery level (local government made up of congregations in a geographic area), a solid majority would disagree with much of what comes out of the General Assembly (GA). The liberals (through a long-term concerted effort) have managed to hijack the national government over the last couple of decades while the local governments are predominantly conservative. The GA is also constantly trying to force ordination of practicing homosexuals as well, which is the impetus behind the “confessing church movement.”

It would take pages to even begin to describe the intricacies of the PCUSA government and the current problems but we do pay something called “per capita” where for every member in a church, a certain amount of collections is sent to the GA for the national level. Many churches (ours included) within the PCUSA these days withhold these payments due to the serious disagreements between the national and local level—we won’t finance their idiocy. Unfortunately, the GA currently has a large majority of “liberal thinkers” that sound amazingly like the professors in so many colleges and they have stacked the system so that it’s incredibly difficult to remove them. Basically the PCUSA government is a republic where those that pick the top leadership post are liberals so the leadership is often the worst of the bunch. Actually, one of the reasons I began studying law was as a means of understanding the legal procedures and maneuvers necessary to navigate the GA system as I feel the calling to kick some butt!Bottom line is that most of the PCUSA are not anti-Semitic, just the liberal idiots that have hijacked the GA—they mirror the exact same liberal B.S. that you hear on a majority of college campuses these days.

I wonder if either a schism or a coup is brewing in that Church.

UPDATE:  Coincidentally, today American Thinker had an update on the subject with information lending further credence both to American Thinker's original article and to my friend's correspondence.

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  • jauhara

    This is like déjà vu all over again. In the late 70s, our local Presbyterian church divorced itself from the main body of the PCUSA, due to the schism forming over the divinity of Christ, the infallibility of scriptures and the role of women in the church. Times and mores have changed, or have they, but the breach is definitely widening. I wonder how long it will be til the Presbyterian Church in America overtakes the PCUSA.

  • ExPreacherMan

    The Presbyterian schisms and differences are not new.

    My brother-in-law was a very influential liberal minister in the PCUSA in the 60’s. He and my sister were proud members of the Ecumenical Council which was/is dedicated to the weakening of any and all conservative church doctrine.

    They have succeeded..

  • Presbypoet

    As your other resident Presbyterian, (PCUSA), the PCUSA is closer to schism than it has ever been. Years of losses, and a realization “liberal christianity” is no mere different flavor of Christianity, but heresy that denies the most crucial elements of orthodox Christianity, has brought us to the brink. Most ordinary members are kept in the dark about the transformation of the denomination. Conservative/evangelical churches try to ignore what is happening and assume a live and let live attitude.

    Several things are coming together to produce what may split the denomination.

    1. The confessing church movement.
    2. The stupid attack on Israel.
    3. A proposal to permit “local option” concerning ordination of unrepentant homosexuals, done in such a way as to bypass local approval.
    4. The attack by liberals on the leadership of Hollywood Presbyterian (a large evangelical church in LA.)
    5. Court decisions that may allow churches to leave with their property.

    It had been thought that due to local churches not “owning” their property, but it being owned by the denomination, it made it hard for a church to leave. In Ohio, a church tried to leave, and the local Presbytery changed the locks, and kicked the pastor and congregation out, (they now are twice the size before they lost the church building).

    Several recent California court decisions have made it likely churches may be able to leave with their property. Since losing your building if you leave, makes people very reluctant to rock the boat, these are significant decisions.

    Since the 70’s, liberals have been trying to use the PCUSA to support their theology/ideology. It goes all the way back to the Angela Davis controversy..

  • Larry

    I am another PCUSA member. If you want further evidence, I suggest you take a look at the letter prepared by the Faiths For Fairness group questioning the leadership of the Presbyterian Church USA and their penchant for engaging in fact finding trips to the mid east that excluded any meetings with Israeli Governmental Officials. The PCUSA leadership has a long record of bias against Israel. Is that anti-semitism? Well, when those biased fact finding trips are coupled with other anti-Israel actions, one could certainly conclude the passion by which these PCUSA leaders pursue their anti-Israel agenda is indeed anti-semitism.

  • Bookworm

    I usually think it’s anti-Semitism when groups give a free pass to other countries that engage in the same (or worse) behavior. However, the one caveat I’ll give to the anti-Semitism charge is that, to the extent Israel has always been one of America’s staunchest allies, both during the Cold War, and in the whole Middle East game, a lot of the animus directed at Israel is also hatred of America by proxy. It’s just that this post WWII anti-American hatred is blended into the centuries old toxic soup of anti-Semitism.

  • jg

    John Hagee of the Cornerstone church (San Antonio) has decided in one sense to engage these Prebyterians. See below for Hagee’s new advocacy group. As I listened to him talk (March 30, DIRECTV) with Rabbi Daniel Lapin, I heard Lapin praise the heart of this new group.
    Lapin named America’s Bible Belt (which does NOT include the PCUSA) the source of protection for Israel in America. Evangelicals, Lapin said, are true to the moral vision which is the focus of our existence as a nation, a moral vision of our country which also belongs in the tradition of Orthodox Jews.
    I do not see the erstwhile leaders of other Christian groups (the PCUSA) enjoying much success in challenging Hagee’s pro Israel crusade. Perhaps the PCUSA had better hope that he does not target their behavior. See more in this link:

    (excerpt and Hagee statement)

    We believe Israel is still the apple of God’s eye. We do not believe that God has cast away Israel or the Jewish people. We believe that God has the Jewish people and the Church working together as brothers, serving the same God, during a very dangerous time in history for both of us.

  • leia

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