Semi-silence today

I’m beginning to think I carry a jinx with me. I left Blogger because of all the problems and now, here at WordPress, I’m having a day where there “icons” one can use in lieu of knowing code are gone. That is, usually when I do a post, I don’t write out my hyperlinks in code. Instead, I highlight the text I want, click on the hyperlink icon, enter the URL information in the appropriate space, click an “insert” button and, voila, it’s a hyperlink. Anyway, all that kind of stuff has vanished and, since I can never remember how to write hyperlink code without this assistance, I’m feeling quite handicapped. Probably just as well, though, given the mounds of clean laundry waiting to be folded, dust bunnies waiting to be vaccuumed, toys waiting to be picked, etc., littering my house. I’m off, therefore, to restore my environment to a rare moment of pristine beauty.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Well, if you use IE, maybe you should switch to Mozilla.

  • Steve

    I’ve had friends who have had issues with wordpress as well. Given the steady amount of blogging you’ve done over the last 18 months or so, it mightn’t be a bad idea to come up with your own blogware – I don’t think it’s that expensive to run one, one of my law school buddies is doing it…

  • loveathome

    I fixed mine! Try hitting the F5 key to reload.

  • ExPreacherMan


    Sorry you have problems with WordPress. You have done wonders with it in spite of their limitations on creativity.

    But, on the bright side, your post reassures us that you, the ultimate author, are also a wonderful person who must likewise struggle with mundane daily chores.

    Thanks for the look into that window of your life. We often see exceptional people as if they are on a pedestal, when in fact they are folks with the same day to day crunches we experience.

    Reminds me of the well known, great man and Pastor who convinced me, the skeptic, of the reality of Jesus. After getting to know him personally, I realized he was still exceptional, yet as down-to-earth as anyone could be. That realization was fascinating.

    Thank you, Book, for being exceptional, yet plain-spoken and practical…

    I expect you will solve your blog editor problem soon. I found that I can use my older version of Microsoft FrontPage quite easily for writing my posts WYSWIG. Then I copy and paste the formatted text, etc into the WP on-line editor. Much easier than struggling with theirs.


  • Earl

    I’m using ExpressionEngine and like it fine – don’t know if more advanced folk would find it to their taste. It DOES cost money – about $100.00 to start and then $10.00 monthly for hosting, if you choose to have them host it. I can connect you with my son-in-law if you decide to abandon the free (and you get what you pay for) services…… :-)