Friends in interesting places

Some time ago, when I was still blogging at Blogger, I wrote a post asking what an American theocracy would look like.  I asked this question because it occurred to me that, while liberals were frantically throwing around statements about Bush's "ultra conservatism" and "scary fundamentalism," none were articulating what they thought would happen if Bush really and truly had his way — short, of course, of seeing Roe v. Wade overturned. 

My dear friend Patrick, at Paragraph Farmer, took that idea and ran with it.  He ran so far and so well that he got an entire article published in "The New Pantagruel."  Patrick imagines a world that is actually more humane than that currently dominated by secularism, although I suspect some of that humanity is Patrick's own, and cannot just be attributed to his imagined theocracy.  Significantly, Patrick doesn't see any witches getting burned, gays being flayed, or adulterers stoned.  It's a nice world.  Make sure you go and visit it.

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