The illegal immigration travesty continues in Congress

I can't resist including here, in its entirety, Mark Steyn's comment on The Corner about the more insane aspects of the immigration law Congress is trying to foist on us:

But how about some of you natives piling on [he was responding to comments by The Corner's British ex-pats]? I assumed NR's transplanted British Empire wallahs were steamed about this because we were foolish enough to check the wrong box and come here as legal immigrants – which, believe me, is a mistake I wouldn't make again. But this bill moves not just legal immigrants but U.S. citizens to the back of the bus.

The undocumented guys only have to pay taxes for any three out of the last five years? How come Americans can't get a deal like that? Meanwhile, any attempt to enforce the border requires "consultation" with Mexico. Vicente Fox has just got his own permanent Security Council veto in the Department of Homeland Security.

I think it's very hard for conservatives to support a Congress that would pass such a bill. Aside from the entitlement explosion and the national security issues, this bill is a cynical corruption of the integrity of US sovereignty and citizenship.

My wife and the kids had their Green Cards stolen the other day. Cost of replacement of legal permanent resident cards: $1,040. Fine for 20 years of law-breaking within the United States: $2,000, less Social Security and EITC entitlements. Hmm.

I told the missus to hold off filling in the form for the replacement card. Having been rendered inadvertently undocumented, she may at last be in the winning category.

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  • M. Simon

    In the fight against illegal immigration the Congress has decided to impliment a right to work data base.

    In tests of the data base idea with 3,600 employers the error rate was 15%.

    Well Congress knows how to fix that. In the bill as written class action suits against government for job loss will be against the law.

    In other words Congress expects a disaster.

    Canadian gun registry ring a bell?

    This reminds me a lot of the hysteria that got us a Constitutional Amendment against alcohol. It did not work out as planned.

    I sure hope none who are clamoring for this lose their jobs over it.

    You must start with the idea that government is incompetent and corrupt. Which used to be the bed rock of conservatism.


    For quite a long time entry into the United States was easy. When it was easy 50% of the Mexicans went home after 6 months. Now they stay and stay. Why? Because it is very expensive to cross the border.

    And you are a victim of just such a policy.,0,6429773.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

    In fact of those who came by boat 1/4 to 1/3 went back.

    I wrote a piece with very similar ideas four or five years ago.

    Those who started all the anti-immigrant hysteria in America in the 1840s used to be called know nothings. What are they called now? Republicans.

    In the early 1900s many states introduced marijuana prohibition as a tool to use against Mexican labor.

    That has worked out real well hasn’t it?

    As usual there is nothing that can’t be fixed at the point of a gun. Unfortunately, the guns often get turned on other than their intended victims.

    And what do you think the going rate for bribing border guards will be? Probably enough so that only truck loads of illegals will be able to afford it. Semi-truck loads.

    You can’t say you weren’t warned.


    And just to let you know my political leanings: I support the war and voted Bush in ’04.

    Well not to worry. Every where Republicans passed anti-immigrant bills they have lost power.

    Know any national security Democrat party leaders? Only one who is remotely viable. Hillary.


  • Bookworm

    M. Simon, the Know Nothings wanted to stop immigration altogether. I have no such desire. I want to (a) control immigration, (b) enforce existing laws and (c) stop pouring social services out to people who haven’t yet earned their stripes.

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  • Recoil

    Maybe I’m slow, or maybe our elected representatives are completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. If you’re sitting there, like me, scratching your head and boiling mad about the immigration and illegal alien issues, and wondering how anyone can vote for a guest worker program or against closing the borders or against deportation, then it’s not the lawmakers we should be mad at. It’s the American public. Have you emailed, called, faxed, visited, or otherwise let your Senators, Representatives, President Bush, and our Vice-President how you feel on the issue? Have you told everyone you can to do the same? I guarantee you that if everyone that voted for an American Idol contestant this week got in touch with their elected officials, the bill that comes out of Washington would be very, very different that what they’re working on now. How many of the average people on the street are fed up with the problem but have done nothing about it? The answer is most of them.

    I watched President Bush on TV Monday night [see this post for my reaction], a President I was intensely proud of after 9/11, and I was very disappointed. What has happened? We, the American public assume, not act. We must act. Otherwise how can our leaders know what we want?

    Sure President Bush’s speech sounded good at first, but a guest worker program is amnesty no matter how you try to spin it – look up amnesty in the dictionary.

    Any illegal alien or immigrant that commits a crime (more serious than speeding) should be deported – there’s no need to let them have three misdemeanors before deporting them.

    Slapping illegal aliens with a fine and letting them live here while working on citizenship IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    Worrying about what anyone in Mexico thinks about us putting up a fence and guarding our own border is absolutely ludicrous (as for Ted Kennedy, sir, I think that a big fence sends the exact message that the majority of Americans want sent).

    And, while I’m thinking about it, how can Mexico or any of its citizens sue us or anyone in the United States for building a fence or apprehending illegal aliens on American soil?

    This is what I want, and I think this is what most Americans want:

    – We must put an end to Federal and State support of illegal aliens and illegal immigrants (financial support like Social Security).
    – We must close up and secure our borders.
    – We must give warning that we will not tolerate gangs, drugs, and criminals coming across the border and that will arm our military with lethal force and allow them to use it.
    – We must stop granting citizenship automatically to infants born on American soil of parents that are illegal aliens or illegal immigrants.
    – We do not want a guest worker program.
    – We want illegal aliens and illegal immigrants rounded up and deported.
    – We do not want a path to citizenship for illegal aliens and illegal immigrants.
    – We want laws that protect American citizens from being sued for protecting their property and possessions.

    We must keep passing the word about this and asking people to get involved. Take my short list of above items and send it to your elected officials. Get your friends, neighbors to do the same.

    Be sure to give your name and address so that you will be taken seriously when contacting your elected officials.
    Click Here to Contact Your Elected Officials.

    Until Next Time,

  • Ymarsakar

    I don’t like it how President Bush, supposedly the President of all Americans, is buttering up to Fox while Fox lets Mexicans die on the border in droves and allows terrorization of american border towns by drug lords and criminals.

    It’s almost like watching 2003 after OIF was finished, all over again, with President Bush approving of “soft power and soft touch” based initiatives. Just because Bush means what he says and says what he meant back in 2000 when he labeled himself a compassionate conservative, doesn’t mean he has learned from his mistakes.

    People are dieing and suffering because a foreign power (Fox) is pushing their people (jihadists) across the border (Syrian Iraq) and the President does nothing except negotiate and talk with the foreign power. And people wonder why if Iraq is chaotic. (the parenthesis is an analogy to Iraq, not a statement that jihadits are crossing the Mexican border) You don’t talk with people like Fox, you either smash them, intimidate them, bribe them, or get rid of them in some other manner. Their interests are not your interests. Bush believes otherwise, and since he has the job and the responsibility, that is his call to make. But it won’t be him that suffers the consequences when border towns are trashed and education systems in California are degraded to accomodate non-English speaking HS students.

    If I really believed Fox cared about his people, and weren’t just sending cannon fodder to die working in America, sending back to his government more than they make from oil in GDP, I might want to talk with Fox. But Fox isn’t that kind of man.

    In so many ways, the world has become like a Hollywood movie. Does anyone remember those Hollywood movies where the hero is all power and all wise, and while people are being slaughtered the hero does nothing to help because in his infinite wisdom he has decided violence is not the answer? This is America. All the power in the world, or most of it anyway, and not willing to use it. What is Bush afraid of? Not the opinion of the world, for sure. He is not afraid of being un-elected or impeached. So what is Bush afraid? I contest that Bush is afraid of using too much of America’s power against people who are weaker.

    That is reasonable on its face, but the question remains, what happens when those “people” become powerful enough to destroy you? If any harm accrues from the border, it will trigger a backlash that no President can control. It is best to get a pre-emptive hold on the problem NOW, as the Dog Whisperer should know. Pre-emptive solutions is always better than cleaning up the mess.