I just love picking on St. Gore

This time, I’m going to be brief (dinner to prepare, slumber party to calm, dog to walk, yadda, yadda, yadda).  Just go to Media Lies and see a good article about the real scandal behind Gore’s posturing — and it’s not those $30,000 annual energy bills.

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  • highlander

    Why am I not surprised?

    But be careful not go push St. Gore too far into a corner, or he’ll morph into a victim. Then he will become untouchable and uncriticizable.

    Bubba Bill played the victim card during the impeachment hearings, and it helped to save his butt (along with another part of his anatomy). I think Al Gore is close.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    I noticed that, Book. Schadenfreude like.

  • Zhombre

    What was dinner? Got any good Borg Stooge recipes? I’ve heard the Borg Stooge Tuna Casserole is good, especially when the tuna contains a hint of dolphin.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Good link, Book. I believe that what it describes is called “stock manipulation”.

  • Zhombre

    A little study in contrast:


    One man talks the talk, the other walks the walk.

  • Zhombre

    Al Gore is the new Charles Bronson:


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    please please please… lets bring back the good treehugger writing … to be a closet green requires more than rainwater harvesting, a small house and locally sourced stone but rather a conscientious awareness of the effects of your actions… G.W bush has a most appalling record on every ecological front, kyoto, oil sponsorship and lack of support for every environmentally progressive activity. From zomb’s link

    It isn’t about the behavior, Zomb, but the brainwashing.

    What brainwashing? This brainwashing

    It requires more dontcha know. More dedication, more fanaticism, and less individual choice, moderation, and reason. If you have those, then it isn’t enough.

    You need more treatment, like Al Gore.

    most of all inaction is worst than negative action, for negative action could not survive without lethargy whereas lethargy cannot produce as bad fruits by itself. Bush is in the position where he is able to effect more people and more environmentally progressive projects than any other person currently in existence but he does nothing. in fact he hinders our sustainable visions.

    See that, inaction on Gore’s part would be worse. That makes all kinds of sense. See that phrase, Book? Environmentally progressive projects…. oooo.

    Such visions must be sustained, no matter the cost, no matter the brainwashed soldiers of the Green that must be produced. As I keep saying, if ever the Earth gets rid of the Islamic Jihad like we got rid of Nazism, then environmentalism will take up the banner of the Vision.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Over time, as the pseudo-science of human-caused “Global Warming” collapses under the weight of the evidence, Al Gore will increasingly be recognized for the vicious, narcissistic demagogue that he is. He will have enriched himself on fear (from DVD sales and his self-serving “carbon-credit” investments scam), but he will be mocked by history. I was at a meeting in California last week and very surprised by how AlGore was universally derided by the attendees. The worm is turning.

  • Zhombre

    A meeting of what in California? Who were the attendees? Needs a little context, no, Danny?